Black Ops 3 PC to Have Dedicated Servers, Split-Screen and 4K

Activision finally decided to let out some details regarding the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 at Gamescom this year. The publisher announced that PC gamers will be getting a plethora of new features including dedicated servers, 4K resolution compatibility, and even split-screen capabilities.

Black Ops 3 PC

Dedicated servers means that the game should run more smoothly and have less issues with lag. Previous titles have often been ridiculed due to heavy lag and poor lag compensation systems that made the game stutter or even completely unplayable. CoD players have long been petitioning that dedicated servers be added, especially since competing series such as Battlefield already have this.

Split screen is another interesting addition for the PC version of BO3. Some people have been asking for it, but not many. After all, PC systems are often played with one user, but, if players choose to, they’ll be able to do 2-player split screen on computers with the game now.

Finally, Activision also announced that Black Ops 3 will support 4K resolution monitors. This is awesome for gamers that have an advanced PC setup with a high resolution screen. The game will support the traditional ultra-HD format. Hopefully the graphics are up to par to make it look spectacular while playing in 4K.

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