Black Ops 3 Patch Notes for Update 1.04

Activision is beginning to roll out the 1.04 update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. This is one of the biggest updates released for the game so far. It includes a variety of things including some weapon tuning, fixes for common issues (mostly disconnects and party disbands), scorestreak buffs, and more.

Update 1.04

As of right now, the 1.04 update is only available on the Playstation 4 platform. There is no official word on when the patch will make its way on to the PC or Xbox One. As soon as we have details for this, we’ll let you know.

The official patch notes for the update haven’t been released just yet either, but the developers have put out a list of highlighting some of the major changes, fixes, and additions they’ve made to the game.

Here’s the general stuff we know so far:

  • New Secondary Weapons Added (obtainable via supply drops)
  • Rare Supply Drops Now Have Chance to Drop Bonus Cryptokeys
  • You Can Now “Burn” Duplicate Items in the Black Market for More Cryptokeys
  • Quick-Join Featured Added for Joining Up with Friends Faster
  • Updated Graphics for Split-Screen Play
  • New Weapon Camos and Specialist Gear Added to Supply Drops

NOTE: The new secondary weapons are the Butterfly Knife, Wrench, and Brass Knuckles.

Again, once the official patch notes for this update are available, we will have more information about 1.04 posted on this page.

Previous Changes

Weapon Tuning

Below is a list of the weapons that have been altered and what’s been changed for each one. These were actually changed in the last hotfix ( NOT the current update. These changes were made across the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms.

  • Kuda – Less recoil.
  • Weevil – Less recoil.
  • Razorback – Less recoil and overall effective range has been increased slightly.
  • KN-44 – Less recoil.
  • VMP – ADS time increased and the spread of hip-fire has been increased a bit.
  • Vesper – Reduced overall effective range.
  • XR-2 – Overall movement speed reduced slightly.
  • HVK-30 – Reduced recoil.
  • ICR-1 – Less recoil, hip fire spread tightened.
  • Man-O-War – Less Recoil
  • M8A7 – Weapon fire rate slightly decreased.
  • KRM-262 – Damaged output increased.
  • 205 Brecci – Effective ranged increased.
  • Haymaker 12 – Increased overall effective range.
  • Dingo – Movement speed increased, reduced recoil.
  • 48 Dredge – Fire rate reduced.
  • MR6 – Movement speed increased.
  • RK5 – Movement speed increased, reduced overall effective range.
  • L-CAR 9 – Movement speed increased, damage output slightly reduced, effective range reduced, spread of hip fire increased.


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