Black Ops 3 Patch Notes for Latest Hotfix (33.25.23)

Treyarch has put out yet another hotfix for Black Ops 3. This one, according to David Vonderhaar, was rolled out on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 platforms. The hotfix was put in place to hopefully better spawns in FFA games as well as correct some statistic issues that occurred when players joined into FFA matches.

Black Ops 3 Game Update

Vonderhaar also made a statement hinting at the fact that this would be the last hotfix before a full patch is released. A more complete detailing of patch notes will likely come with the larger patch. These hotfixes are typically very small and don’t warrant a comprehensive breakdown.

We expect the first big patch for the game to release soon. Once it does, we’ll provide full coverage of the patch notes and dish out our opinions on the changes.

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