Within the recent patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that dropped on Xbox One today (February 8th) players spotted a few new files that suggest new weapons are potentially coming to the game soon.

Revealed in the files are what looks like an assault rifle / crossbow hybrid, a sword, a crowbar of some sort, and what appears to be a new pistol. The weapons were discovered in the ban and protect settings that are available to players creating custom competitive games.

The weapons include:

  • M2 Raider (assault rifle)
  • NX Phantom (crossbow)
  • Iron Jim (secondary melee weapon)
  • Marshall 16 (secondary pistol)
  • Fury’s Song (secondary melee weapon)

Here are the images the discoverer provided for some of them:

Black Ops 3 Fury's Song

Black Ops 3 M2 Raider

Black Ops 3 Marshal 16

Black Ops 3 Iron Jim

There has been no official word from Treyarch regarding the authenticity of these potential new weapons. If they are legitimate and will be added to the game, we’re not certain if they’ll come via a free update like we saw with Advanced Warfare, if they’ll be hidden behind a DLC paywall, or if they’ll be made available in Supply Drops.

Once we have an official confirmation or denial we will post the information here. The photos and files do seem to be pretty convincing, though. This very well could be a new set of weapons that players will soon be able to obtain and use in Black Ops 3.

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