Still waiting to get the luck of the draw to obtain Fury’s Song or the NX Shadowclaw? Well, your chances may be getting even slimmer. Treyarch is now adding even more weapons into the mix. It was recently announced that two new guns – the HG-40 (an SMG) and the RSA Interdiction (a sniper) – are being put in the game as well as a new melee weapon (a baseball bat).

UPDATE: Another new melee weapon (Malice) has been discovered. Looks to be a rather interesting dagger of sorts.

Black Ops 3 Black Market

On top of new weaponry there are also new emotes and potentially weapon skins, emblems, and so on being thrown in. These items are available in both common and rare Supply Drops which can be purchased using either Cryptokeys (the currency earned for free for just playing the game) or CoD Points (the other currency type that requires a real-money investment).

The HG-40 is supposedly a more modern version of the MP40 submachine gun that was seen in World at War. There are no details about the new sniper rifle just yet, but we’ll keep you posted on it.

Again, these items are available through drops which can be purchased from the Black Market vendor in the game.

NOTE: This content is only available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Last-gen consoles do not have the Black Market or supply drops at all.

Drop rates will likely stay the same so if you still haven’t scored any of the previous weaponry, well, at least there’s more stuff to get now, right?

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