Black Ops 3 Man-O-War Class Setup: The Powerhouse

Tired of getting mowed down fast because you’re running around with a pea-shooter assault rifle in Black Ops 3? Drop that ICR and equip the Man-O-War. There’s a reason this gun is becoming more and more popular among players – it’s a deadly gun that can terminate an enemy within seconds.

Man-O-War Class Setup

We’ve got a class setup you may want to give a try. We’re calling this one “The Powerhouse”. Why? Because this gun is easily one of the most powerful ARs in the game. It can wreck havoc when used correctly. Let’s jump straight into the configuration, shall we?

Primary Weapon: Man-O-War

This class is built around the MOW, a beastly assault rifle that just so happens to be one of our absolute favorite guns in Black Ops 3. It packs some serious heat and is worthy to ride into battle with.

Black Ops 3 Man-O-War Class Setup

Strengths: High damage

Weaknesses: Slow firing rate, small magazines, moderate recoil.

Recommended Attachments

Fast Mags + Quickdraw + Grip

This is a great combination to use with this gun. Quickdraw is an absolute must so that you can pop into ADS quick, spot your target, and fire. Fast Mags is a great option, too, because the MOW has a somewhat small clip which means you’ll burn through ammo relatively fast. Being able to reload quick is a necessity.

Finally, we also recommend using Grip. Yes, this will require taking on a Wildcard (Primary Gunfighter) , but it’s well worth it. The Man-O-War has a nasty recoil that pushes the gun upward a good bit as you fire. Grip helps make the recoil more manageable.

Secondary Weapon: NONE

We’re not going to worry about having a secondary with this class. As long as you take cover when you need to reload, you’ll be fine. Or, if you prefer to have a backup, just pick one up off a fallen enemy as you play.


Alright, here is what we recommend for equipment.

Black Ops 3 Equipment

Lethal: Frag Grenade

Tactical: Flashbang x2

We chose the standard frag for this class because it’s simple and effective. Cook it up, toss it into a room where you know enemies are congregating, or chuck it across map fast so that it rolls into a high-traffic spot. Even if you don’t manage a kill, you’ll likely still take an enemy’s health down to where you’ll only need to get off a bullet or two to finish them off.

We went with Flashbangs for the tactical slot. We find that these tend to be more effective than concussions. Well, providing the enemy doesn’t have Tactical Mask equipped. Use these to temporarily blind foes packed in a room or toss them around corners to determine if enemies are nearby and, as an added bonus, get an upper hand on them.


Now we come to the perks. These can honestly be swapped out with whatever fits your personal playing style, but, nevertheless, below are the ones we suggest using with this Man-O-War class.

Tier 1: Overlock

Tier 2: Tracker

Tier 3: Gung-Ho

Overclock is useful for getting your specialist weapon or ability a bit faster. This is actually kind of important for the character we recommend. See the sections below for details.

Tracker may be cheap to use, but it’s very effective. Being able to see that an enemy has just run around the corner or went upstairs is very useful. It allows to you hunt down your foes, oftentimes without them having a clue.

Gung-Ho is pretty simplistic, but still great to have. It allows you to fire your weapon and use equipment while sprinting. In other words you can pop off kills while traversing the map at a quickened pace or lob a grenade into a spawn while running over to secure the objective, collect tags, or even wipe out the entire team.


This particular class is designed to be somewhat aggressive. That being said, we’ve selected killstreaks that fit into that play style. They are listed below.

Tier 1: UAV

Tier 2: Lightning Strike

Tier 3: Rolling Thunder

The UAV is a very basic streak, but incredibly handy. Knowing the general location of your enemies, even for a short time, gives you a big advantage.

Next up is the Lightning Strike. We know that a lot of players think it’s not as effective as it was in Black Ops 2, but it’s still a great streak that can net you some easy kills and it doesn’t require a high score to get. It’s especially useful for objective modes where you typically know where the enemy team is going to be.

Finally, we chose Rolling Thunder for the final slot. Yes, we know, everyone has mixed feelings about this one, but we still like it. It’s slow, somewhat easy to escape, and sometimes a bit tricky to pinpoint targets with, but once you get the hang of it – it’s incredibly deadly. And, just like the Lightning Strike, it really doesn’t take a lot to get this one.


Last, but certainly not least, we come to the specialist selection. This is really something that is completely separate from class setups altogether, no matter what weapon you’re using, but if you’re looking to get some extra kills without having to be face-to-face with your opponents, here’s what we recommend….

Black Ops 3 Reaper Scythe

The Reaper (Scythe) is one of our favorite specialists. The mini-gun attached to your arm is insanely lethal. Just a few bullets can take out any enemy in a flash. And you get quite a bit of ammo with this thing. The only drawback is the spin-up time. But, as you use this special weapon more and more you’ll figure out the timing and be able to spin it up while behind cover, pop out, and decimate enemies in no time.

You can change out the specialist for whatever you want, but the Reaper is one of our favorites to use with the Man-O-War assault rifle.

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