Black Ops 3 Kuda Class Setup: The Blistering Rage

Today we’re starting a brand new series of posts dedicated to providing Black Ops 3 a number of top-notch class setups for every weapon imaginable. These configurations have been battle tested and proven to be effective in online multiplayer matches when used correctly.

Kuda Class Setup

The first one is a powerful Kuda class that we’ve aptly named the Blistering Rage. It’s fast, furious, and guaranteed to make your enemies rage quit so long as you handle yourself right. The details of the class are laid out below.

Primary Weapon: Kuda

The Kuda is a great SMG, perhaps one of our absolute favorites. It has a decent fire rate, does moderate damage, and takes down opponents rather quickly in close to medium range encounters.

Black Ops 3 Kuda SMG


Strengths: Speed, Range, Low Recoil

Weaknesses: Small Magazine

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Recommended Attachments

Quickdraw + Extended Mags

For this class we recommend a fairly simple weapon configuration. When you’re wanting speed the Quickdraw attachment is pretty much a requirement, not an optional component. Being able to ADS quicker is crucial, especially in CQC situations.

We also suggest using Extended Mags. Some people prefer Fast Mags but, in all honesty, the reload speed of this gun isn’t that terrible to begin with. Having some extra rounds in the clip to take down one more opponent than usual before a reload is the better route with the Kuda.

We don’t recommend using any optics. The ironsights of the Kuda are a bit obstructive, but still very easy to use. There’s no need to deduct another point from your 10 picks equipping a different sight, especially considering this class is intended for short to medium range battles, not long range.

Secondary Weapon: MR6

Why the MR6? For a little backup when you get into a situation where you run out of ammo in your Kuda and have no time to reload or find cover. In these scenarios you need to be able to react quickly. Once your ammo is depleted and you can’t reload, whip out this pistol to finish off a foe or two.

Black Ops 3 MR6 Pistol


Some people prefer the RK5, but we like the MR6 a bit better. The damage output is higher and you can fire it as quick as your trigger finger can handle. It’s strong and reliable. No attachments needed here.


Now let’s talk about the equipment to select.

Lethal: Thermite

Tactical: Concussion (2)

Again, we’re going for speed here so having to cook a frag, wait for a C4 alarm to trigger, or use semtex are all off the plate. Thermites are burst immediately upon impact, deal decent damage, stick around for a few seconds, and can take down the health of multiple opponents at once – makes for a very useful piece of equipment.

The idea here is to use your Thermite grenade when you know there’s an enemy or two around a corner or in a room. Getting an instant kill is nice and will happen sometimes, but even taking down their health a bit is extremely helpful, allowing you to storm in and finish the job with your Kuda.

Concussions can be used in a similar manner – toss them around a corner or into a room to determine if enemies are around and – providing they don’t have Tactical Mask equipped – stun them for a second, giving you a slight advantage to eliminate them upon arrival.


Perks are a key component of any class, never forget that. The ones we recommend our outlined below.

Tier 1: Afterburner

Afterburner is useful in a few different ways. The most important for this class is the ability to execute power slides often. Sliding is easily one of the fastest means of travel in Black Ops 3 and if you can master it you can flank enemies and rush behind cover quick.

Tier 2: Fast Hands

The primary reason we chose Fast Hands for this class is the ability to ADS faster after sprinting. Speed is key when you’re going for a run ‘n gun, rushing style setup. Being able to raise your weapon up quick when you run into an opponent is a must.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to whip out your secondary weapon (the MR6 pistol) a bit faster, too. This helps when you run out of bullets and need to finish off an enemy.

Tier 3: Gung-Ho

A lot of people tend to underestimate this perk. Gung-Ho is actually pretty useful for players that like to rush objectives or crowded areas. It allows you to hip-fire and use equipment while sprinting which means you can fly through an area while dealing all kinds of damage.


Now we come to the options that don’t count against you in terms of your 10 picks in the create-a-class system. First up – scorestreaks. While not entirely necessary, useful selections can help extend your kill streaks and, at times, keep you alive.

Here’s what we recommend using with this class…

Tier 1: UAV

You can never go wrong with the UAV. It doesn’t take a lot of points to get and it’s incredibly helpful for determining where your enemies are. It’s a great asset to have.

Tier 2: Wraith

While it does cost 1100 points to obtain, the Wraith can absolutely wreck enemies on the map. You can usually expect to pick up at least 3 kills with it. If no one on the map is prepared for aerial attacks (i.e. has a launcher equipped or thinks to use an Annihilator) you can easily get 5 or more, though.

Tier 3: RAPS

We’re going for a high kill count with this Kuda class setup so the final scorestreak to select is the RAPS. These things are awesome for racking up kills. Even if some are destroyed you’ll still wipe out a decent number of opponents, just make sure to call it in near a high foot-traffic area for best results.


Finally, we come to the last component – the Specialist. We know most people tend to choose one character and stick with it, but if you really want to get a ton of kills we highly recommend using either the Outrider (Sparrow) or Firebreak (Purifier) for this setup.

Black Ops 3 Best Specialist


Use the Sparrow if you’re on a larger map or there are long lanes in the playing area. The bow is highly effective at long range – just remember to draw it back long enough to get the necessary distance.

Use the Purifier if you’re on a small map or playing in areas where a lot of the foot traffic happens in small rooms or around corners. The flamethrower absolutely destroys opponents in close range scenarios and can wipe out entire teams if used correctly.

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