Black Ops 3 KN-44 Class Setup: The Power Defender

If you’re looking for a weapon in Black Ops 3 that can take down enemies relatively quickly and be effective at most ranges – you may want to give the KN-44 a shot. This is an AK-47-esque, fully automatic assault rifle that deals moderate damage, has a semi-fast firing rate, and just a touch of recoil.

KN-44 Class Setup

The class setup we’re about to show you revolves around the power of the KN-44. We’ve named this one “The Power Defender” because it’s great for holding down objectives in game modes like Domination or Hardpoint. It’s a great setup for just ripping through enemies lone-wolf-style, too, though.

Black Ops 3 KN-44

Primary Weapon: KN-44

The KN-44 is a popular gun in BO3. Why? Well, it’s strong and it’s versatile. It works for practically anything. We prefer to use it in objective modes for defending capture points and holding down strategic parts of the map, but in the right hands you can do pretty much anything with this AR.

Strengths: Decent damage, fast fire rate, manageable recoil.

Weaknesses: Low-ish accuracy, not a huge magazine.


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Recommended Attachments

Reflex Sight + Extended Mags + Long Barrel

For a truly potent setup we recommend using the Reflex Sight, Extended Mags, and Long Barrel attachments.

Black Ops 3 KN-44 Class Setup


The iron sights on this weapon aren’t the best. They aren’t terrible, but when you’re facing off against foes at mid to long range you need to be able to spot your target a bit easier and the Reflex Sight is perfect for that. No, it doesn’t have any enhanced zoom, but simply having that little red dot to place on your foe makes a world of difference.

We suggest using Extended Mags because, well, the KN-44 doesn’t have a huge ammo capacity per magazine. With this attachment you get a few more bullets in each clip which allows you to keep firing longer without having to worry about reloading.

Long Barrel seems to be one of the most underused attachments in the game, perhaps because people don’t fully understand how it works. This doesn’t just increase your range. Technically speaking, it actually increases your damage a bit by extending the distance that the weapon’s damage begins to fall off. In other words, it’ll take a couple bullets less for each kill, especially when you’re targeting enemies at mid to long range.

Secondary Weapon: NONE


Here are the equipment pieces we recommend using.

Lethal: C4

Tactical: Trophy System x2

Since we want this class to operate well as a defender we chose the C4 and two Trophy Systems for our equipment. The C4 is great for placing in a strategic area (near the objective) and waiting for the alarm to go off to smash the explode button and wipe out an enemy or two.

Trophy Systems are excellent for providing protection to you and your teammates as you hold down an objective, too. They take out projectiles (grenades, C4, etc) thrown your way by enemies in a snap. Plus, you get some extra points for each successful projectile blocked.


The perks we chose are tailored to players that wish to use this KN-44 setup for defending.

Tier 1: Flak Jacket

No explanation necessary here, really. This is an essential perk for players that want to stay near an objective or just hold down one part of the map, period. It helps you survive any grenades or other explosives that penetrate the barrier.

Tier 2: Scavenger

If you’re a decent player and are able to survive for long periods of time you’ll understand why this is a necessary perk. It gives you the ability to loot extra ammo off enemies that you kill (so long as they weren’t killed by explosives). This allows you to keep your ammunition levels up and keep spraying lead at foes that come your way.

Tier 3: Tactical Mask

Being hit with concussions and flashbangs can be extremely frustrating and even lead to quick, unnecessary deaths. You’ll inevitably be targeted with several if you’re trying to hold down a capture point. Tactical Mask significantly reduces the effects of these nuisances and gives you a better chance of surviving and protecting yourself as enemies try to overtake your position.


Another vital component of any class setup – killstreaks. They can often turn the tide of battle in an instant. For this KN-44 class setup we went with ones that primarily provide supportive assistance to you and your fellow team members.

Tier 1: UAV

The UAV is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. It gives you and your team the ability to spot enemies on the mini-map to get a general idea of where they are and where they may be headed. This is extremely important for objective-based games.

Tier 2: Counter-UAV

Having a UAV is great and can in fact give you a huge advantage. That being said, you don’t want your enemies to have that edge, do you? That’s exactly why the Counter-UAV is a great streak to have up your sleeve. Wait for the game announcer to state that an enemy UAV is up and then pop the Counter to jam the radar of your enemies and make one of your foes waste their streak.

Tier 3: Hardened Sentry

The Sentry gun is arguably one of the best scorestreaks available in Black Ops 3. It doesn’t cost a ton of points to get and, when it’s set up in a good spot and defended, it can rack up a load of kills. This is perfect for players looking to hold down objectives.

Simply pop this bad boy down in a high-traffic area (where it can’t be easily shot at) and stay close to protect it from enemies. It does an excellent job of mowing down attackers.


This part is really up to the player, but we recommend using the Seraph (Annihilator) for this particular setup. Why? Well, the Annihilator is great for getting kills but it’s also awesome for taking down enemy scorestreaks.

Black Ops 3 Seraph Annihilator


You can wipe out UAVs and C-UAVs with a single shot. Higher-level streaks take a couple more shots, but the gun deals a massive amount of damage to them regardless. This can be extremely useful for taking down annoying Wraiths.

Again, be sure to check out our in-depth Black Ops 3 multiplayer guide for some pro-level tips, tricks, and strategies that will give you the competitive edge.

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  1. Brad, that is one hell of a class you recommend! My Kn44 has all the same attachments. No one runs extended mags on this gun for some reason but all the better for me. I’m going to try out the trophy system now that you mentioned it. I had forgotten you Also get points just for reflecting explosives!!

    1. Yea those are good for campy gameplay

  2. Try quickdraw/Stock/fast mags along with fast hands and blast suppressor and you can rush like crazy(last perks or equipment are optional.

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