Treyarch announced today that they will be adding a brand new feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that is primarily intended to assist gamers that are part of clans. Labeled “groups”, this will be a full in-game community system that allows gamers to keep up with clan rosters, quickly join in other players’ games, and even compete in group leaderboards.

Black Ops 3 Clans Feature

This isn’t exactly what the community has been asking for, though. Many gamers have been petitioning for Treyarch to bring the Clan Wars aspect back, but haven’t really pushed for an in-game social messaging system. Nevertheless, this new feature will give players currently in clans an easier way to manage their roster, send messages to their community members, and more.

Starting today (Tuesday, April 26th) and going through Monday, May 9th, gamers will actually be able to migrate existing clans that were based in Advanced Warfare over to Black Ops 3. After that date, the official beta for the ‘groups’ feature will launch and only new clans will be able to register.

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It’s important to note that if you plan to migrate your current clan from Advanced Warfare to Black Ops 3 that you can only do so across the same platforms. So, if your clan was previously associated with AW on the PS3, for example, and it is now on the PS4, you won’t be able to migrate. You’ll have to create a new ‘group’ for your current system.

Migrations can be performed by visiting the official website – – which is live as of earlier today. Again, though, migration will cease to be available after May 9th. So you’ll definitely want to jump on getting that done if you intend to move your current clan from AW to BO3.

About Groups

Groups will be available in Black Ops 3 via the social menu. It will be presented in a separate tab clearly labeled “groups”. According to Treyarch, once players create or join a group they’ll be able to use this tab to see their Group Headquarters where they’ll have access to the entire clan roster, be able to see any messages posted for the clan, view theirs and other clanmates’ status in group leaderboards, and more.

We’ll post further details regarding this new feature once it’s live and we have the ability to capture screenshots and test it for ourselves.

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