A lot of gamers have been getting very confused on how you unlock what is being referred to as “hero armor” in Call of Duty Black Ops 3. This is a special gear set that is revealed to the player once they’ve completed all of the necessary challenges to unlock all of the standard gear pieces for their specialist.

Black Ops 3 Classified Hero Armor

The problem, however, is that the game isn’t super clear about what needs to be done to actually make the armor available. After getting all of the standard gear a box will appear showing a locked classified set called “Hero” and when you hover over it a box appears showing a challenge that needs to be completed to unlock it.

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How to Get Hero Armor

Here’s the thing, though. After completing that one challenge – it still remains locked. Why? Well, what the game doesn’t tell is that you actually need to get every piece of gear for ALL of the specialists and complete the final challenge for each one to unlock the hero armor for your specialist of choice.

It’s a LOT of work to do considering there are 9 different specialist classes. But, in the end, you get to have an awesome-looking gear set for each one.

This process must be done for both the body and head pieces. One usually requires getting kills with the specialist’s special weapon while the other typically requires doing something with the character’s ability.

Below is a look at some of the gear sets you can get.

Firebreak Hero Armor

Black Ops 3 Firebreak Hero Armor

Reaper Hero Armor

Black Ops 3 Reaper Hero Armor


Ruin Hero Armor

Black Ops 3 Ruin Hero Armor


Spectre Hero Armor

Black Ops 3 Spectre Hero Armor


NOTE: We will update this page with images of the classified gear sets for every specialist as we obtain them.