Well, we were expecting something a little different from Treyarch this weekend, but what we got is a bit more interesting than anything we were anticipating. Starting today and running through Monday, March 14th, the Black Market vendor is offering something rather unique.

The new listing in the in-game marketplace is called the Guaranteed Specialist Theme drop. It has an increased chance of dropping Epic and Legendary gear pieces for specialists, dishes out bonus Cryptokeys, and… costs a jaw-dropping 60 keys to get (or a stash of 300 CoD points).

UPDATE: Many reports are also stating that the Bribe gives you better chances of epic and legendary loot such as the new weapons, camos, and so on. This makes the drop a bit more valuable, but it’s till rather pricey.

Black Ops 3 Guaranteed Specialist Theme Drop

It’s very cool that they’re adding new contraband for players to purchase with their hard-earned keys, but this seems like….well…. a very crappy deal.

The item name is a bit misleading. It says “specialist theme”, but, in reality, you’ll only get ONE piece of specialist gear in each of these bad boys. So, no, sorry guys, you won’t be popping a full set of gear in one go.

Secondly, the cost seems absolutely outrageous. DOUBLE the number of keys than a traditional rare supply drop. Sure, it GUARANTEES a piece of specialist gear, but the RSD guarantees a rare or better item, too, and costs half as much to get.

We were really hoping to see another double Cryptokey event on Black Ops 3 this weekend, but this is what we got instead.

Enjoy… I guess?

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