You’ve been asking for another, and it’s finally here… a brand new double XP weekend for Black Ops 3 will begin tomorrow (Friday, January 29th, 2016) for both multiplayer and zombies. So get ready to grind through matches of your favorite game modes and find some friends to chase the highest rounds of Shadows of Evil with.

The announcement came from Treyarch via Twitter early in the day on Thursday. It’s not too surprising that another 2XP event is upon us, but we were expecting it to be delayed until the following weekend, to celebrate the launch of the Awakening DLC pack. Perhaps, though, we’ll get back-to-back weekends of surprises?

This event will run from 10am PST on 1/29 through 10am PST on Monday, February 1st, 2016. Be sure to use this time to climb up the ranks and reach new prestige levels. These events present the best opportunity, especially for casual players, to get to higher levels.

On a side note… perhaps next weekend we can expect something interesting such as another dose of double Cryptokeys? That would be awesome and well received.

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