Surprise, surprise – Treyarch has officially announced that this weekend they will be activating yet another double XP event. This one is starting tomorrow (February 26th) and running through Monday, February 29th. And, yes, it applies to both multiplayer matches AND to zombies.

Black Ops 3 Double XP February 26th

This event will give players a chance to blast through ranks, hit higher prestige levels, and, if you’re already at master prestige, keep making progress toward that coveted level 1000 to look like a complete no-life…erm, I mean… bad ass.

We were hoping to see another double Cryptokey event soon so players would have a better opportunity to rack up keys, open up more supply drops, and have more chances at getting the new weapons, but perhaps that’ll happen at a later date. Nevertheless, 2XP is always welcome and much appreciated.

So get out there and go level up in multiplayer and zombies this weekend. Now is the time to work on character progress.

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