Trying to grind through matches to rack up enough experience to get a new attachment for your favorite gun? Well, this weekend presents a prime opportunity to do just that – only twice as fast. Treyarch has announced that starting tomorrow (February 5th, 2016) they will be activating a Double Weapon XP event on Black Ops 3.

Black Ops 3 Double Weapon XP Weekend

The even will begin at 10am PST 2/5 and end at the same time on Monday, February 8th. This is the first special event we’ve seen since the recent release of the Awakening DLC pack.

So, if you’re not already occupied for the weekend, be sure to hop on Black Ops 3 and level up your guns. You’ll be able to unlock attachments at double the speed during this time. This is especially useful if there’s a specific attachment you want (perhaps rapid fire or another higher-tier piece) or if you just want to prestige your weapons to try and max them all out.

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