Black Ops 3 Beta Code Issues Continue to Annoy Gamers

Today is the official launch date of the Black Ops 3 beta on the Xbox One and PC platforms. Unfortunately, though, many gamers are having issues with codes.

Users that have received codes are finding that they are getting “code not valid” errors on the Xbox One. This is a widespread problem that the Activision support team, as well as Xbox, have acknowledged and stated that they are working to fix the issue. There is no ETA on when the error will be resolved, though.

BO3 Beta

Those that are having troubles redeeming their Black Ops 3 beta codes on Xbox One are essentially asked to just wait it out. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon, but there’s no telling how long it’ll be. Hopefully Activsion and Treyarch will compensate for the problems with extended beta play time or some other reward for testing the patience of their customers.

Many more gamers have still yet to receive their beta codes from retailers such as Best Buy, Game, and others. The codes were supposed to start getting sent out yesterday (August 25th), but apparently some retailers are holding them back from certain customers that pre-ordered the game.

In this situation gamers are encouraged to contact the support team for the retailer they pre-ordered Black Ops 3 with to get more information. Beta codes are in high demand as of right now, but, sadly, many are having problems getting them to work or just getting them delivered in the first place.

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