Black Ops 3 BETA and DLC Coming First to PS4

Call of Duty’s new deal with Sony is already going into effect, even before the game is released. The official Black Ops 3 beta, which is expected to begin sometime in August, will be available first on the Playstation 4 console. Supposedly the Xbox One and PC will get the beta shortly after (probably 2 to 4 weeks later). Plus, Sony also announced that Playstation will be getting DLC early, not Xbox.

Black Ops 3 Playstation DLC Deal

There aren’t any official dates or details provided for the beta just yet but we expect it will happen over the course of a couple different weekends and involve testing a couple different multiplayer modes. This is the first Call of Duty title in a long time to even have a beta. Chances are Treyarch just wants to make sure all of the new movement abilities, specialist classes, and other new features run smooth as butter before launching the game.

Beta access is currently only available to gamers that pre-order Black Ops 3 for the Xbox One, PS4, or PC platforms. Based on news and rumors that have been bouncing around, it is highly unlikely that last-gen consoles will ever see the beta.

As mentioned above, for the first time EVER, gamers on Playstation consoles will be getting Call of Duty DLC before Xbox users. That’s right, if you own a copy of Black Ops 3 for either the PS3 or PS4, you’ll get access to any new maps and other DLC packs before those playing on X360 or Xbone.

The actual details of the Sony DLC deal haven’t been announced but we assume it’ll be exactly the same as it was for Microsoft – Playstation will get access to the DLC a month ahead of Xbox.

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