Black Ops 3 Best Specialist Classes to Use (OPINION)

Believe it or not… picking a specialist class to use in Black Ops 3 is actually pretty important. Specialists have the ability to change the tide of battle fairly quickly. Whether you’re using their abilities or their powerful weapons doesn’t matter. Both are incredibly useful in matches.

Black Ops 3 – The BEST Specialists

But which specialist is the absolute BEST one to use in multiplayer?

Black Ops 3 Best Specialist

Well, that’s a tough question to answer. There’s really no one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, the specialist that YOU will end up playing best with will likely vary greatly from other players.

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Why? Well, because your personal playing style and skills are something you’ll need to consider when choosing a specialist to use. Heck, even seemingly unrelated things like the game type and the players you’re playing against matter when making your selection.

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That being said, down below we’ve provided some guidelines to help you choose the specialist that fits your personal style and in-battle needs. Keep in mind, though, that this is just general advice and shouldn’t be heeded as law. For best results, you’ll definitely want to experiment a bit with each character and get a feel for their abilities and weaponry to make an ultimate decision.

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Reaper is probably THE best specialist choice for most players. His unique weapon is ridiculously powerful. His ability is handy, too, but it’s really the Scythe that makes this particular specialist so insanely awesome.

Black Ops 3 Reaper

The Scythe is a mini-gun that the Reaper’s arm transforms into upon activating the special. It fires bullets at blistering speeds, has a very tight bullet spread, and, in the hands of skilled players, can rack up several extra kills with ease. The Scythe is borderline OP to be perfectly honest.

Psychosis is Reaper’s ability. All this does is create multiple AI duplicates of the player to confuse enemies. When activated the clones go out and run around nearby and all of them, including the actual player, become blue. This makes it difficult to determine which is the real character and which is just a clone.

Recommended Use: Great for any player that wants to rack up more kills. Getting kills with the Scythe is incredibly easy and the gun has a pretty good mag size which makes it ideal for getting several kills upon activation.

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Outrider is quite easily one of the most popular choices in the game. Both her ability (Vision Pulse) and her awesome compound bow (Sparrow) are great tools for getting kills and executing strategic moves in online matches.

Black Ops 3 Outrider

The bow is probably the most used special weapon in BO3 – and for good reason. It has superb range, is relatively easy to use, and takes down opponents FAST. As long as you have decent aim it’s an excellent choice to pick up a few extra kills each time you fill up your special meter.

The ability, on the other hand, is pretty great for sniffing out campers or just figuring out the positions of nearby foes. Vision Pulse sends out a sonar wave that allows you to see enemy players through walls, cars, and other objects. It’s definitely handy.

Recommended Use: Great for streakers that want to rack up a few more kills quickly. Best suited for game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Free for All, and other kill-oriented gametypes.


Ruin is another well-liked character class that players can use in BO3. His unique weapon ability literally allows you to stomp your enemies in a flash. His other skill is great for run ‘n gun players that value speed and ferocity.

Black Ops 3 Ruin

Ruin’s weapon – the Gravity Spikes – are insanely strong. When activated the player can go airborne and slam down into the ground with the spikes, creating a shockwave that destroys opponents in the immediate vicinity. It works incredibly well on small groups of campers or even 2+ enemies that are attempting to take over an objective point.

His ability – Overdrive – is also pretty fun to use. While it doesn’t directly enhance your ability to earn kills it does passively give fast-paced players to pick up the speed and be a little more aggressive by boosting the character’s overall movement speed. It also works well for getting away from sticky situations in a hurry.

Recommended Use: Superb class for objective modes such as Domination where the player can crash down on the capture point and eliminate multiple targets at once with Gravity Spikes. Also excellent choice for CQC (close quarters combat) players that want additional speed from time to time.

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If you consider yourself a bit of a dead-eye and like feeding you may want to give Seraph a try. This class gives you access to a powerful revolver that performs one-shot kills. Even if you don’t decide to use this awesome weapon, Seraph’s other skill, Combat Focus, can be extremely useful in matches, too.

Black Ops 3 Seraph

Serpah’s revolver, Annihilator, is a true weapon of power. It has a bit of a slow fire rate, but it allows players the chance to typically get an extra 3-6 kills every time it’s activated. A single slug will take out nearly any opponent. If you’re decent with aim, this is a great weapon to use.

The ability, Combat Focus, is actually pretty awesome, too. With it activated the player earns bonus points for every action – kills, assists, captures, etc – which effectively gives you the ability to earn your scorestreaks a bit faster.

Recommended Use: Feeders and streakers alike will love Seraph’s arsenal of powerful weaponry and passive abilities. No matter which you choose, you’ll definitely notice a boost in kills and score as long as you stay alive! Great specialist for both kill and objective-based game modes.


Finally, we have one more specialist that we believe is pretty great. Battery is an excellent choice for players that find themselves dying often or for those that just want to extend their in-game life a bit longer to get a few more kills to get those points for a killstreak.

Black Ops 3 Battery

Battery has a rather familiar special weapon – the War Machine. We’re not especially fond of her weapon, though. Sure, it gets kills if you can manage to land grenades at the feet of your opponents or, even more difficult, nail them directly with projectiles – but there are definitely better weapons on other specialist classes.

The real beauty of this class is the special ability – Kinetic Armor. When activated this ability engulfs your character in strong armor that significantly reduces incoming damage. While it doesn’t last super long, it can be a real life-saver and help you extend your kill streak more than normal. It’s great for newbies that find themselves dying too quick or seasoned players that want to rack up more kills.

Recommended Use: Any game mode. Probably ideal for new players or gamers that have previously held low K/D ratios in previous Call of Duty games.


We are in no way saying that the other specialists – Nomad, Reaper, Prophet, Spectre, and Firebreak – are bad choices. They’re all great in their own ways. The ones listed above are just the classes that we found to be the most useful all-around.

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  1. Also note that Seraph’s Revolver 1 shots weak scorestreaks like UAVs and does significant damage to other ones

    1. Really? Even more a reason to use the annihilator.

  2. Betty (Battery) is the best!! 😀 Nothing’s better than EXPLOSIONS!!
    But her armor sucks… You take like 5-6 bullets and it runs out of power… I died way much more with that useless armor than with any other ability… Because special weapons and headshot kills you anyway… and it runs out of power by itself after 3 seconds… it’s useless unless you’re playing with people who can’t aim…

  3. I like Seraph. I have used outrider a lot more in multiplayer, but they is because you get it first. On local bots, i try out a lot of stuff, and i REALLY like Seraph. One shot at any range, it is like Golden Gun!

  4. I personally like Spectere

  5. Spectere is the worst one. U never get close enuff to slice em and the cloak is mostly useless they still see you most the time. With Battery War Machine you can Free fire instakill 4 ppl everytime you use it.

    1. Cloak is useless but the slicer isn’t usually. Sliced a few people, been sliced many times

    2. You just suck at using it I’ve gotten easy triple and quad kills and I’ve gotten 10 ish kills out of a single use multiple times its about being fast and ambushing your targets (late reply btw)


    1. how could you forget grammar and english?????

    2. how could you forget grammar and english?????

  7. The kinetic armour sucks.
    Personally I haven’t tried all the specialists but from seraph/ battery, ruin and nomad , nomad is my favorite. Hive tends to get me a few kills a game

  8. Everyone, just suck my cock and lick my balls, ok?

  9. Everyone, just suck my cock and lick my balls, ok?

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