Black Ops 3 Assault Rifles – Full Guide for ARs in BO3

In most CoD games assault rifles are weapons that are typically used in short to medium-range combat situations. They pack more power than SMGs, but usually have a bit less mobility. They’re often some of the most popular weapons in the game. Well known examples include the AK-47, SCAR, and the M8A1.

Black Ops 3 brings back some original fan-favorites while also throwing several new ARs in the mix. These guns deal a moderate amount of damage, have decent range on them, and are best suited for small to medium sized multiplayer maps.

Black Ops 3 Assault Rifles

BO3 Assault Rifles

Below is a complete list of assault rifles found in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

NOTE: The list above provides names of confirmed ARs released during the pre-alpha build of the game. Many more are expected to be added before the official launch. We will likely learn about several new assault rifles once the BO3 beta is live. Once details about these weapons are revealed, we will add them to the list above.

NOTE #2: After the beta or immediately after Black Ops 3 is released publicly we will be adding pages for each of the guns listed above. These pages will include statistics for each weapon including their damage output, magazine sizes, firing rates, available attachments, and more.

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Player Opinions

Want to know more about these weapons and what other players that have already used them think of them? Popular YouTube personality, TmarTn, had access to some of these guns prior to the launch. Here is a video where he discusses these guns in detail:


Assault Rifle Tips

As we stated above, ARs are primarily meant to be used in short to medium range combat. At very short range they are not quite as effective when the opposing player is equipped with either a SMG or a Shotgun.

In close-quarters situations these smaller weapons will typically win the firefight due to higher impact (shottys) or faster firing rates (sub-machine guns).

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Stick to Medium Range

Assault rifles perform exceptionally well in medium-range encounters. A few well-placed shots to the body, or especially the head, results in a quick kill with most of these guns. Many ARs are fully automatic, but some may also feature burst firing modes (usually a 3 or 4 round burst).

Don’t Get Caught in Sniper Fire

Avoid engaging with players equipped with sniper rifles at longer ranges, though. Snipers have deadly accuracy at range and there is a steep damage falloff for ARs at these distances which means you’ll deal less damage per shot.

Recommended Perks

For most assault rifle classes you’re probably going to want to stick to using perks that enhance your weaponry, mobility, and stealth abilities.

Perks such as Scavenger are an absolute must-have for AR class setups. Assault rifles can burn through ammo relatively quickly, so being able to pick more up off your dead enemies will give you a huge advantage and help you keep your killstreaks going, too. Plus, you’ll get points that contribute to replenishing your specialist ability as well.

Fast Hands is another good one to equip as it will allow you to aim down your sights faster out of a full sprint. This means being able to ready your weapon quickly whenever an enemy comes into your line out of sight at a moment’s notice.

Dead Silence and Ghost are great choices if you plan to do a lot of flanking. These perks make your footsteps much quieter so opposing players with decent headsets can’t hear you coming (Dead Silence) and Ghost makes you invisible to enemy radars as long as you’re in motion.


Overall, assault rifles are one of the most popular weapon types in any Call of Duty game. We expect they’ll play a huge roll in Black Ops 3 as well. Use them wisely and you’ll be able to rack up kills, earn awesome scorestreaks, and keep your K/D ratio up, too.


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