Ever since the news broke that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 would feature a set of characters with unique weaponry and skills (the specialists), many have been comparing the new feature to the classes seen in the MMO-shooter, Destiny.

While there certainly are some similarities between the two, there are also a number of key differences.


Subclasses Skill Trees

One of the biggest differences is the fact that classes such as the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, in Destiny have both subclasses and skill trees associated with them.

The specialists in BO3 do, however, have two different versions that players can select from before entering a match – one that gives them access to a powerful weapon associated with the class and one that gives them the chance to use a class-specific ability instead.

This does share a common background with the Destiny characters, but the subclasses in Destiny have multiple differences, not just one.

The Hunter, for example, has two subclasses – the Bladedancer and the Gunslinger. With the Bladedancer players get access to a melee-based special that allows them to one-hit opponents with blades of fury, while the Gunslinger subclass offers a one-hit pistol that comes loaded with three shots.

Destiny Skill Trees

There are a host of other differences between the two subclasses, too, though. These include different grenade types, melee abilities, and various perks.

Unique Equipment

As we mentioned above, subclasses in Destiny offer a lot more variety than the specialists in CoD: Black Ops 3. Along with different special weapons and abilities, they also have different types of grenades, perks that provide assistance for the subclass’ power weapon, and even different maneuvers such as jumps, glides, and teleporting abilities.

Black Ops 3 Create a Class

In BO3, all specialist classes have access to the exact same movements, lethal equipment, and tactical items. This is because the game is designed to allow the player to pick whatever combinations of weapons and equipment they please via the Pick-10 class setup system.

Class-Specific Weaponry

It hasn’t happened just yet, but according to various sources Destiny will also feature unique weapons specifically for each of its classes once the new DLC, The Taken King, is released. This will be yet another way that the Destiny classes are quite different from BO3 specialists.

With this update players will be able to receive and use weapons that are only available for the class they chose. So the Hunter would have a unique gun, as would the Titan and the Warlock.

Specialists, on the other hand, have a unique power weapon, but do not access to unique regular weapons that don’t require earning their special ability to use.

Set in Stone

Finally, another way that Destiny’s class system works quite differently is the fact that players choose a class in the very beginning and cannot change it afterward. This is opposed to how players in Black Ops 3 can choose which specialist they’d like to play prior to each multiplayer match.

The only way a Destiny player can change their class is by creating a new character altogether.


So, to conclude, yes, the new specialists are slightly similar to Destiny classes, but are not quite as in-depth and customizable. One could argue that the use of “specials”, power weapons, and unique abilities seem like a cut-and-paste job, but there’s definitely a lot more going on with the classes in Destiny than the simplistic specialist system seen in the new Call of Duty.

Nevertheless, people do still believe that specialists like Ruin mimic the makings of the Titan class (the ground-pound attack does seem suspiciously familiar) and Seraph seems an awful lot like the Gunslinger class in Destiny, too, with her one-shot revolver (the Annihilator).

Still… there are quite a few big differences. The system just feels a bit duplicated.

What are your thoughts? Still think Treyarch has totally ripped off Destiny? Or do you find the specialist system to be a refreshing addition to Call of Duty? Let us know in the comments below!




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  1. This whole post is retarded. People are comparing the specialist ABILITIES aka the ruin smash, to the SUPERS in destiny. Not comparing the whole character to one another, and there is no doubt that the ruin is a copy of titan smash and there is also a One shot kill pistol which mimics the golden gun.

    1. I believe that’s the whole point. Specialist abilities essentially equate to the same as super abilities in Destiny. Obviously the characters themselves are quite different in appearance, background, etc. One game is a military shooter while the other is a science-fiction, space-based shooter. They’re going to have differences. The article simply points out the similarities between specialists and classes.

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