If you’re a truly dedicated fan of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and have piles of cash sitting around that you don’t mind burning through, you can now spend your dough on massive packages of CoD Points. A new option has surfaced within the in-game store that now allows players on the Xbox One (presumably the Playstation 4 and PC will follow soon after) platform to purchase a staggering 10,000 points at once.

The new package comes with 10,000 points, plus an additional 3,000 for a total of 13,000. As of right now, these somewhat absurd packs are available for $99.99 each.

Black Ops 3 10,000 CoD Points

How many supply drops are you able to open with these new point packs? Quite a lot, but perhaps not enough to warrant the $100 price tag.

You can only buy rare drops with points so those 13,000 points will typically allow you to purchase roughly 32.5 chances at loot. There are, however, the bonus Cryptokeys to be considered as well. Even if you only score an average of 5 keys per open you’ll land an additional 160+ keys to use which means you can snag another 5 drops.

13,000 / 400 (regular price) = 32.5

If the recent 50% off rare supply drops deal is active, you can effectively double your loot.

13,000 / 200 (sale price) = 65

This means your 13,000 CoD points would amount to about 65 drops initially and potentially net you another 300+ bonus Cryptokey, allowing you to open another 10 chests for a grand total of around 75.

Supply drops can contain a number of different items including special attachment variants for weapons, nifty looking pieces of gear for specialists, different calling card designs, emblems, various taunts for each specialist character, and so on.

Rare drops guarantee at least one item will be rare or better. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the higher rarity item could be a lame calling card or attachment for a weapon you’ll never use, and the rest of the drop could be all common items. It’s literally like playing the lottery – and with CoD Points you’re playing with real cash. So really think through the decision before making purchasing, keeping mind that that you can earn drops by simply playing the game – no money necessary.

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