Black Ops 3 Dark Matter Camo – How to Get It, Images, and More

Move aside, Diamond…. there’s a new king in town.

It was recently discovered that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has a “secret” weapon skin that is unlocked once a player obtains diamond camo for every single weapon. It’s aptly named Dark Matter and, to put it simply, it looks ridiculously awesome.

Black Ops 3 Dark Matter Camo

Here’s a still capture of the camo:

Black Ops 3 Dark Matter Camo

It looks pretty slick even like that, but it gets even better.

You see.. it’s not a traditional weapon skin. It’s more than a still image. It’s actually animated. The purple and black colors more around like the liquid in one of those super-old lava lamps. It looks pretty darn nifty on a gun and really makes a statement about the dedication of the player.

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Here’s a look at the actual animation:

BO3 Dark Matter Camo Animated

How to Get Dark Matter Camo

So, how do you get this special camo for your guns? Well, it’s simple… kind of.

All you have to do is get the Diamond Camo on every single weapon. Of course that means grinding out all the kills, headshots, and other challenges needed to get all of the standard camos on all of your assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, LMGs, snipers, and so on.

So, yes, it’s a bit of an undertaking, but that’s why it’s such a special weapon skin. It’s something you’ll definitely want to work toward to show off your skills and dedication to Black Ops 3.

UPDATE (11/22/15) : A recent patch has actually updated the look of the Dark Matter camo a bit to make it look a bit better.

Here’s a video from YouTuber, Ali-A, showing off the newly updated design:

Black Ops 3 Peacekeeper MK2 Weapon Overview

The Peacekeeper MK2 is an assault-rifle that was introduced into Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 via an update rolled out for the game in late July of 2016. It is a successor to the popular SMG that was featured in Black Ops 2. While the gun is still a fully-automatic weapon, there are a few slight differences between the original and the MK2.

Black Ops 3 Peacekeeper MK2

The MK2, unlike it’s predecessor, is an assault rifle. Many argued in the past that the Peacekeeper should have been categorized as such in BO2 due to its moderate range. In many cases the gun was capable of hitting targets far beyond the range of other SMGs in Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 3 Peacekeeper MK2

It’s important to note here that the MK2 is only available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. It is only attainable through supply drops, which are not included on the last-gen platforms.

Peacekeeper MK2 Stats

The Black Ops 3 version of the weapon maintains a similar design and similar mechanics. The MK2 has decent range, but deals low damage in relation to many other weapons in the same category. It does, however, have a fairly large magazine size and overall ammo capacity.

Damage: 10-20

Clip Size: 32 Rounds

Firing Rate: TBD

Ammo Capacity: 288 rounds (32 in clip, 256 reserve)

As with most assault rifles, the Peacekeeper performs best in mid-range encounters. This makes it ideal for medium-sized maps or areas that have some open space that you can put between yourself and the enemy. At longer distances, it is wise to burst-fire the weapon to improve accuracy.

Recoil on the MK2 is minimal. It is very easy to control and is an ideal weapon for beginners. The biggest drawback is its low damage output. As long as you land your shots, though, this shouldn’t present much of a problem as the gun does have a good number of bullets available in each clip.

Class Setup Recommendation

Now let’s talk about which attachments work best in conjunction with the Peacekeeper MK2.

When creating a class for a specific weapon you always want to consider its strengths and weaknesses. The biggest challenges with this gun are its ineffectiveness in both short and long range engagements. You can slightly improve its performance at both distances with a few attachments.

BO3 Peacekeeper

Recommended Attachments: Long Barrel, Laser Sight, Quickdraw

Long barrel is a great one to go with for the MK2 if you often find yourself in firefights with people further across the map than you’d like. It also helps improve performance of the weapon in mid-range engagements as well.

This is because long barrel slightly increases the amount of damage done at longer ranges by tweaking the damage falloff ratings. At longer distances the impact of your bullets decreases. With this attachment equipped, you’ll be doing slightly more damage even when firing at far away opponents.

The laser sight is ideal if you keep losing at close-quarters combat with the MK2. While it doesn’t guarantee anything, it does improve your chances of hitting your target when spraying (firing from the hip) which may allow you to take down your opponent.

It’s worth noting, however, that this generally only works against unskilled players. Seasoned gamers will likely be able to wipe you out with an SMG or shotgun before you can hip-fire them to death.

Finally, Quickdraw is nearly always a smart choice for assault rifles. When compared to SMGs, assault rifles have a slower ADS pickup time. This basically means you’ll take longer to lift your gun up, aim, and fire. Quickdraw allows you to speed up the process, giving you a better chance to outgun your opponent.


Black Ops 3 Descent DLC Officially Unveiled

Activision has finally pulled back the curtain for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s third downloadable content pack. The new DLC, dubbed “Descent”, will feature new multiplayer maps, a new zombies experience, and even new weapons for players to try out.

Black Ops 3 Descent DLC

Descent includes three brand new multiplayer maps and one remake of a popular Black Ops 2 map.

These are:

  • Empire
  • Cryogen
  • Berserk
  • Rumble

Empire was teased via social media by Activision with a series of images showing a stunning, re-imagined version of Raid – one of the fan-favorite maps from BO2.

It’s likely that a multiplayer trailer will be released for Descent within the next few days to show off the new maps that are coming with the content. If and when a new video is put out, we’ll post it here for all to see.

Black Ops 3 Descent DLC

Release Date

The Descent DLC pack will be made available for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 first on the Playstation 4. The official release date is Tuesday, July 12th. The Xbox One and PC versions of the content will likely be released about a month after that.

There has been no official statement regarding whether or not this DLC will make its way to last-gen platforms. As of right now it’s probably safe to assume that Descent won’t be available on the PS3 or Xbox 360 anytime soon, if ever.

We will keep you posted and let you know if Treyarch or Activision provide any official word on release dates for Xbox One and PC.

New Maps

Maps are probably the biggest reason anyone purchases DLC for any Call of Duty title. Descent was definitely made to reel you in for a purchase. Treyarch has recreated Raid, one of the franchise’s most popular maps, and bundled it with 3 other multiplayer levels.

Empire is a gorgeous and interesting-looking Raid remake.

Black Ops 3 Raid Remake

Cryogen is set off the coast of the Dead Sea.

Berserk throws players smack into the middle of a Viking-inspired village.

Finally, Rumble, perhaps the oddest addition, is set in a robot combat arena where people watch robotic beings beat each other down.

New Zombies Content

Mainly play CoD for the zombies mode? Well, you know Treyarch isn’t about to leave you hanging. Along with new multiplayer content, players will also gain access to a brand new zombies experience with the Descent DLC.

Below is the official announcement trailer that was released for the Descent DLC pack. It only shows off cinematic clips from the upcoming Gorod Krovi zombies map that’s included with the DLC, but it’s still worth watching.

The new content features a map that takes place in a war-stricken Stalingrad. The Origins characters are thrown into this directly after making their great escape from the treacherous Zetsubou No Shima. Here they will face off against even more sinister and dangerous foes.

Also, apparently there were epic battles in this place where gigantic robots and dragons sparred. Yes, dragons and robots.

New Weapons

Black Ops 3 has become a powerhouse when it comes to inserting new weapons into the game. We first saw this happen when the Peacekeeper was introduced via DLC into Black Ops 2. BO3 has taken that practice to a whole new level, though. Many players have a strong distaste for the new way that Treyarch is dishing out guns – via supply drops that require Cryptokeys or CoD Points to get.

Nevertheless, it’s been stated that we will be seeing new weapons coming to BO3 with the launch of the Descent DLC. No details have been provided about the exact guns we’ll get, though. Based on what we’ve seen so far it could literally be anything from a new sniper rifle to a javelin.

Treyarch has introduced a number of new weapons including crossbows, baseball bats, shotgun-pistols, and even swords. This mixed bag of weaponry has received both praise and criticism.

Black Ops 3 Contracts – How the New Reward System Works

Contracts officially go live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on June 14th, 2016 and are perhaps one of the most exciting additions to the game yet. This is a brand new system that allows players to complete various daily, weekly, and special challenges to score heaps of bonus cryptokeys that can be used in the Black Market.

Black Ops 3 Contracts

The idea behind contracts isn’t all that unique. Many games in other genres, including MMOs and shooters, have a similar reward system. It’s actually surprising that it has taken Call of Duty this long to catch on to it. It’s generally a great way to keep players interested and playing your game, especially when there’s rare loot up for grabs.

Black Ops 3 Contracts

The Black Ops 3 contracts system will have daily, weekly, and special challenges available for players to complete. We discuss this new system in more detail below.

Daily Contracts

From what we can tell it seems that dailies will be smaller, simpler tasks such as getting relatively small numbers of headshots, double kills, etc. It has been confirmed that daily contracts will rotate on a 24 hour cycle.

Each new contract will be made available at 10am PST (1pm EST). Upon completion players will be rewarded with Cryptokeys. The exact amount remains to be seen, but the teaser trailer Activision released discussing contracts (shown below) shows a player earning 10 keys for completing a single contract.

Weekly Contracts

The weekly contract will likely be a bit more challenging or, at the very least, require more time. Considering the fact that Call of Duty often panders to the casual player, it’s probably safe to assume that this will just require a higher number of a typical activity (i.e. getting 100 headshots, 50 kills with a specialist, or something similar).

Weekly contracts, as the name implies, will rotate on a 7 day cycle. The time-frame is Monday to Monday beginning at 10am PST. The contract actually requires players to complete 2 different challenges to finish it and earn the reward.

The reward for finishing a weekly will be some Cryptokeys and a special Mercenary Contract that, upon activation, gives the gamer a chance to play as Blackjack, the new specialist based on the Black Market vendor that can copy other specialist’s weapons upon killing them (Rogue) or get random abilities (Gambler).

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, this will be a great way to earn a lot more Cryptokeys which means you’ll have more chances of scoring epic loot items including new weapons, specialist gear, and more. This is something the Black Ops 3 community has been asking for for a long, long time – mostly because the rate at which you earned Cryptokeys was super slow and the drop rates of epic weapons was ridiculously low.

Now players will have the opportunity to earn Cryptokeys for completing matches, for opening rare supply drops, AND for completing issued contracts. This should make it a lot easier to rack up keys and open more drops, especially for the more casual players that don’t play for hours every day.

Black Ops 3 is Getting Official Clan Features Soon

Treyarch announced today that they will be adding a brand new feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that is primarily intended to assist gamers that are part of clans. Labeled “groups”, this will be a full in-game community system that allows gamers to keep up with clan rosters, quickly join in other players’ games, and even compete in group leaderboards.

Black Ops 3 Clans Feature

This isn’t exactly what the community has been asking for, though. Many gamers have been petitioning for Treyarch to bring the Clan Wars aspect back, but haven’t really pushed for an in-game social messaging system. Nevertheless, this new feature will give players currently in clans an easier way to manage their roster, send messages to their community members, and more.

Starting today (Tuesday, April 26th) and going through Monday, May 9th, gamers will actually be able to migrate existing clans that were based in Advanced Warfare over to Black Ops 3. After that date, the official beta for the ‘groups’ feature will launch and only new clans will be able to register.

Black Ops 3 Optin Image


It’s important to note that if you plan to migrate your current clan from Advanced Warfare to Black Ops 3 that you can only do so across the same platforms. So, if your clan was previously associated with AW on the PS3, for example, and it is now on the PS4, you won’t be able to migrate. You’ll have to create a new ‘group’ for your current system.

Migrations can be performed by visiting the official website – – which is live as of earlier today. Again, though, migration will cease to be available after May 9th. So you’ll definitely want to jump on getting that done if you intend to move your current clan from AW to BO3.

About Groups

Groups will be available in Black Ops 3 via the social menu. It will be presented in a separate tab clearly labeled “groups”. According to Treyarch, once players create or join a group they’ll be able to use this tab to see their Group Headquarters where they’ll have access to the entire clan roster, be able to see any messages posted for the clan, view theirs and other clanmates’ status in group leaderboards, and more.

We’ll post further details regarding this new feature once it’s live and we have the ability to capture screenshots and test it for ourselves.

Black Ops 3 Spire and Rift Map Preview Videos Released

Eclipse, the second DLC pack hitting Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, is due to release on April 19th. As has become tradition now, Treyarch has been dishing out teasers for the new content over the last couple of weeks. This week the developers have given players a couple of videos showing off two of the new maps – Spire and Rift.

Spire takes place in a very futuristic-looking airport that provides both interior and exterior locations for players to battle it out in.

Here’s the preview of Spire:

Rift puts combatants within a military base built above an active volcano. There are plenty of small rooms and tight corridors to traverse here.

Here’s the official teaser video for Rift:

Both videos are quite short (roughly 15 seconds) and just show a quick glimpse at each map.

Eclipse will be available on Playstation 4 first on April 19th. PC and Xbox One will likely receive the content a month later. Season pass holders will gain instant access to the DLC upon its release. Other players will have the option of purchasing Eclipse as a standalone expansion for $14.99. The DLC includes four new multiplayer maps and a new zombies experience.

Black Ops 3 2x Cryptokeys & Liquid Divinium All Weekend Long

It’s back! Finally, we see the return of a double cryptokey weekend in Black Ops 3! Treyarch officially announced the new event over social media today and, needless to say, many players are stoked. In addition to double the keys players will also be able to snag double liquid divinium when playing through the zombies mode.

Black Ops 3 Double Cryptokey Weekend

This event is scheduled to kick off on Friday, April 8th at 10am PDT. It will conclude at the same time on Monday, April 11th. It’s probably safe to assume that this is being dished out in celebration of the upcoming Eclipse DLC pack, but it could also be due to the pressure the community has been asserting lately about drop rates.

Recently, many players have taken to social media to create a protest against purchasing CoD Points using the hashtag #BlackMarketBlackout. The reason? Well, because they’re getting tired of spending $30, $50, even $100 or much, much more just to get ONE of the new weapons that are only available through supply drops.

Nevertheless, most people are excited that this event is taking place. This is only the second time we’ve seen Treyarch show a little courtesy to the community in terms of getting drops. There was just one other time when double Cryptokeys was available and that was months ago.

So, if you’re looking for a good chance to grab some specialist gear you don’t already have, a new camo, or one of the coveted special weapons (such as Malice, the MVP baseball bat, NX Shadowclaw, the HG-40, etc) without spending any real-life cash – this weekend is going to be your best shot.

Get out there, grind the game all weekend long, and rack up those Cryptokeys so you can open as many common and rare supply drops as possible! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Black Ops 3 Verge Map Preview Video Released

Within the upcoming Eclipse DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are four new multiplayer maps and a new zombies experience. One of the four maps is actually a remake of the map “Banzai” from World at War. Today, Activision released a video that gives players a short sneak-preview of the re-imagined WaW map.

The video is only about 17 seconds long, with roughly 13 seconds actually showing anything worthwhile. No gameplay is shown whatsoever, but you do get a glimpse at the most notable spots around the map and get to see just what the developers have done to make the Black Ops 3 map different from the one that inspired it.

Verge will be available with the launch of Eclipse which is set to release on PS4 first on April 19th. It’s presumed that Xbox One and PC players will gain access to the new DLC about a month after that date. Eclipse is the second DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, following the first pack – Awakening.

Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC (Map Pack #2) Announced

Treyarch has officially revealed the name and contents of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s second DLC. It’s called Eclipse and, as most people probably expected, it comes with four new multiplayer maps and a brand new zombies mode experience. The official release date for the Eclipse DLC is April 19th.

Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC

New Maps

Eclipse brings four new maps into MP for players to battle it out on. Three are completely new designs. The fourth, however, is a re-imagined version of Banzai, a map that was originally seen in Call of Duty: World at War.

Black Ops 3 Knockout Map

Knockout is a medium-sized map with Chinese touches. It’s actually set around a Shaolin Temple that combines both tight corridors for close quarters combat (primarily within the structure itself) and mid-range lanes (around the outside of the temple) for some pretty fast and furious firefights.

Black Ops 3 Rift Map

Rift is a military establishment that, for reasons unknown, was constructed above an active volcano. There’s a rail system that players can use to maneuver around the map, as well as plenty of areas to execute wall-runs and other strategic movements to take on your enemies.

Black Ops 3 Spire Map

Spire is an airport terminal that is quite high above the Earth’s atmosphere, yet not quite in space. It’s of medium size and features multiple levels in which players can engage in both close quarters and mid-range combat. Due to it’s insanely elevated position, players will have to be careful not to jump off the side or in a crack to avoid falling to a miserable death.

Black Ops 3 Verge Map

Verge is a map that gamers who’ve spent time on WaW will recognize. This is a more modern recreation of Banzai, another mid-sized map that features fortresses, tunnels, bridges, and more. The setting is supposed to resemble a post-apocalyptic time period where opposing factions are forever entwined in war.

Zombies Expansion

A new set of multiplayer maps isn’t the only thing Black Ops 3 gamers have to get excited about, though. In addition to the new MP stages there is also another huge expansion coming for the zombies game mode. Dubbed ‘Zetsubou No Shima’, which translates to “Island of Despair”, this new experience will send the Origins characters to a forsaken island.

Here’s the official Zetsubou No Shima trailer:

Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo are sent to this island to investigate a lab where the volatile and dangerous chemical, Element 115, has been used to create horrific creatures and more. In this expansion players will be facing off against both familiar and brand new foes as they unravel even more Origins secrets.

Release Date Info

The Eclipse DLC pack will become available on Playstation 4 first. This will happen on Tuesday, April 19th (4/19/16). It is expected to be released to Xbox One and PC a month afterward (probably May 17th to May 22nd). The dates for these platforms are not confirmed, but highly likely given that Sony has a one-month timed-exclusive deal for all Black Ops 3 DLC content.


Gamers that have already purchased the season pass for BO3 will be granted access to the Eclipse content without any need of additional purchase. If you plan to buy the DLC as a standalone product, however, it will cost you $14.99. According to various reports this downloadable content pack will not become available on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 platforms. That may change in the future, however, considering it was recently announced that Awakening is heading to PS3 sometime in April.

New Specialist or New Weapons

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation that along with the maps and zombies expansion there will either be a new specialist character or new weapons coming with DLC #2. These rumors have been buzzing around primarily due to the inclusion of an Easter egg in one of the Awakening multiplayer maps that suggest a 10th specialist will inevitably be added to the game.

None of this information has been confirmed by Activision or Treyarch at this time. Even if a new specialist isn’t included with Eclipse, we still suspect one will make its way into the game at some point. Additionally, it’s fair to assume that the developers will continue to add new weapons as potential rewards in Supply Drops considering the popularity of weapons such as the NX Shadowclaw, HG40, Malice, and the MVP baseball bat.

As long as players continue to purchase drops using CoD Points rather than taking the time to earn them with Cryptokeys, you can sure bet that the publisher and developers will keep producing items that will attract more players to spend additional cash in Black Ops 3.

Double XP for MP, Zombies, Weapons Active in Black Ops 3 This Weekend

With the recent news that Treyarch will be revealing Black Ops 3’s second DLC pack this week and the release of Awakening on PS3, it seems the developers are in a very giving mood lately. The development team took to Twitter today to announce that on top of all of that, players will also be getting a hearty helping of double experience this weekend.

Black Ops 3 Double XP Weekend April 1st

Beginning on Friday, April 1st at 10am PST and ending Monday, April 4th at the same time – players will have the opportunity to rack up twice as much experience as normal for their characters in both online multiplayer and in the game’s zombies mode. Plus, you’ll also get the chance to rank up your weapons even faster thanks to double weapon XP being applied, too.

These weekend events are the best time to work on getting your character to higher prestige levels (or even closer to level 1000 if you’re already at Master Prestige) and to prestige your guns as well. Read and apply our tips for leveling up fast in Black Ops 3 and you’ll be well on your way to becoming one of the few players in the game to obtain the highest ranks possible.

As an added bonus, Treyarch has also announced that over this weekend players that don’t own the Awakening DLC pack will be given the opportunity to play its content for free. This is obviously a marketing ploy to hopefully persuade gamers to purchase not only Awakening, but also the upcoming second DLC, too.

Black Ops 3’s Second DLC Being Revealed this Week

Activision made an official announcement yesterday claiming that they would be revealing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s second DLC pack on Thursday, March 31st. Treyarch will be providing a full reveal for the content via a live stream. The stream will more than likely give us a glance at an official trailer, the new maps, and whatever else may be coming with DLC 2.

Black Ops 3 DLC 2 Reveal

Little other details were given regarding the stream or the DLC. We assume that an exact time and more information about the live stream will be provided later today.

We expect the second DLC pack to include another set of new multiplayer maps, a new zombies map for gamers to experience, and (this is a shot in the dark) either a new weapon or, considering we haven’t heard anything else about the mysterious 10th specialist, a new specialist character.

Black Ops 3’s Awakening DLC Heading to PS3 in April

Activision gave us a bit of a surprise announcement the other day. Despite all of the information that led us to believe we would never see any of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s DLC packs on last-gen consoles, it seems that assumption was wrong. According to the publisher, Awakening, the game’s first downloadable content pack, will be available for Playstation 3 on April 5th.

Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC for PS3

Awakening was first released for the PS4 back in February. It was then made available on the Xbox One and PC platforms a month later. Now, two months after it’s initial launch, the DLC is set to make an appearance on the PS3.

The Awakening DLC pack includes four new multiplayer maps (Gauntlet, Rise, Skyjacked, and Splash) as well as a new zombies adventure, Der Eisendrache. Gamers that wish to get this content for their Playstation 3 console will have to pay $14.99 and will come with a free static theme. There currently isn’t a DLC season pass available for last-gen consoles.

There is no word on whether or not Awakening will eventually make its way to the Xbox 360. We assume that since it’s being released on the PS3, though, that it will. Chances are, it’ll be made available for 360 owners a month later (around May 5th).