Double XP and Weapon XP Live in Black Ops 2

In case you haven’t yet achieved the awesomeness that is being Master Prestige in Black Ops 2, you may want to jump in on this weekend’s event that was just announced by Treyarch. From today until Monday morning 2XP, as well as double weapon XP, will be live in BO2.

Black Ops 2 Double XP and Weapon XP

This is most certainly associated with the big Black Ops 3 reveal coming in just 2 days. So if you haven’t reached Master Prestige yet or just want to level up your guns to unlock more attachments, this weekend is the time to get it done. Blast out those final prestige ranks before BO3 comes out. There may be an in-game bonus in BLOPS 3 for players that have reached high ranks in BO2.

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