Black Ops 2 – Best Guns for Racking Up Long Kill Streaks

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is one of the major hits of the franchise. Developed by Treyarch, the game is considered one of the best CoD titles to date. The game is highly competitive, though. So, in order to perform well in matches you’re going to need to know a LOT. One of the biggest requirements is knowing what the best guns are in Black Ops 2. Today, we’re going to show you.

Black Ops 2 Best Guns (2017 Edition)

There are a ton of awesome weapons available for players to use in BO2, but each one has its own unique advantages and disadvantages in certain combat situations.Black Ops 2 Best Guns

Weapon categories covered in this guide include:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Snipers
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • LMGs
  • Pistols
  • Launchers
  • Specials

Today, we’re going to break down what we believe are the best guns in every category, plus highlight their strengths and weaknesses to help you develop an extremely powerful class. This way you’ll be able to dominate in nearly every match you play.

Best Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are designed to be useful in most combat situations. They’re not ideal for close-quarters combat or taking out a sniper perched across the map, but they’re fantastic for almost any mid-range encounter.

So, which assault rifles are beast in Black Ops 2?


The AN-94 is essentially BO2’s take on the classic AK-47. It’s a fully automatic weapon and the first 2 rounds that exit that chamber from each clip are actually burst-fired at a slightly higher rate of fire than bullets from the remainder of the magazine.

Black Ops 2 AN-94

This is a solid gun with good damage, range, and accuracy. As long as you can aim well and play intelligently, it’s very easy to go on lengthy kill streaks with the AN-94.

Recommended Attachments: Red Dot Sight, Quickdraw, Extended Clip


When Black Ops 2 first released the M8 was considered one of the most over-powered guns in the game. While it’s since been tweaked multiple times, it’s still an incredibly lethal assault rifle in the hands of a skilled player.

Black Ops 2 M8A1

Good aim is a must. This is a 4-round burst rifle that can absolutely destroy enemies in mid-range engagements. It’s also incredibly strong in full-auto mode once you unlock the Select Fire attachment for it.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Long Barrel, Fast Mag

Honorable Mentions: SWAT-556, FAL-OSW

Both the SWAT and the FAL are great assault rifles as-is, but they’re especially useful once you have the Select Fire attachment available. Equip this attachment along with a silencer and you’ve got yourself an insanely vicious full-auto gun that can rip through enemies fast.

Best Sniper Rifle

Sniping is VERY prevalent in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game features some of the best sniper rifles ever introduced to CoD and quickscoping plays a huge role in multiplayer.

If you want to master the art of sniping or try your hand at quickscoping you need the right sniper. Below, we reveal what we believe the 2 best snipers are and why.


While not quite as strong as the DSR in terms of damage, the Ballista is so snappy fast to use that a player with incredible aim can pop off foes blazing fast in comparison to the DSR.

  • Shots are deadly from the chest up

The Ballista has a faster ADS (aiming down sights) time and a slightly quicker firing rate than the DSR. It also has the same range and a bit better accuracy. In our honest opinion, the Ballista is the best sniper available in Black Ops 2.

The biggest con to is is that you’ll probably get more hitmarkers with the Ballista than the DSR.

Recommended Attachments: Ballistics CPU (frowned upon by quickscopers, but worth it), Fast Mag

DSR 50

The other powerhouse sniper in BO2 is, of course, the DSR. This sniper packs more punch than the Ballista, but is a bit slower to pick up to aim.

  • Shots are lethal from the waist up

As long as your aim is true it’ll be rare that you get a hitmarker with the DSR. You should still try to hit enemies at chest-level or higher, though. While the game description says its deadly starting at the waist, you are far more likely to have issues if you aim for this area.

Recommended Attachments: Ballistics CPU, Extended Clip, Variable Zoom

Best SMG

SMGs (short for sub-machine guns) are smaller, lightweight, fast-firing guns that are superb for close-quarters firefights. They’re an extremely fantastic weapon type for rushers or even flankers.

So, which sub-machine guns in Black Ops 2 do we recommend most?

Vector K10

Our absolute favorite SMG is, by far, the Vector. This thing can shred enemies fast. It deals moderate damage, has a fairly high rate of fire, and doesn’t have a ton of recoil.

The Vector is perfect for a rushing class or for players that like to sweep around the backside of enemy teams and flank them. It works well in both aggressive and stealth class setups. We honestly can’t recommend this gun enough. It’s superb in most close to mid-range encounters.

Recommended Attachments: Silencer, Quickdraw, Fast Mag


Another great SMG that deals a considerable amount of damage and is generally one of the best guns in Black Ops 2 is the MP7. It has great damage, a decent firing rate, and is super snappy when aiming.

The biggest drawbacks to the MP7 are the recoil and accuracy. So, you’ll need decent aim to succeed with it. With the right class setup built around it, though, the MP7 is an absolute monster – especially on smaller maps.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Long Barrel, Fast Mag

Best Shotgun

Shotguns are a topic of controversy in practically every Call of Duty game ever made. This is the case for the ones featured in Black Ops 2 as well. While a couple are terrible, some are painfully powerful.

So which shotguns did we pick for this Black Ops 2 best guns roundup?


If you’re quick, have decent aim, and want to rack up kills like a beast – there’s one particular configuration of the KSG that easily makes it the best shotgun in the game.

Here’s what you need…

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Quickdraw

That’s it. That’s the winning combination that makes the KSG a nearly unstoppable killing machine – so long as you have superb reflexes and great aim, that is. You can sweeten the deal by stacking this combo with either Extended Clip or Fast Mag as well.

Recommended Attachments: Red Dot Sight & Quickdraw (highly recommend using both)

R870 MCS (Remington)

For players that lack aiming abilities, but still want to parade around maps, blowing away most enemies with a single shot unexpectedly around corners there’s the Remington.

This is a potent shotgun with great damage output, decent accuracy, and a fairly tight spread for a shotgun. It’s super easy to use and is most effective in narrow hallways, around corners, and other tight spaces. It’s a great counter to SMG players, too.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Extended Clip, Laser Sight

Best LMG

LMG users have typically always been labeled “camping noobs” in many CoD games. This is perhaps even more common in BO2, though, thanks to some of the light machine guns being ridiculously strong and how players set themselves up in-game to use them.

While they may make your blood boil, there are a couple of LMGs in Black Ops 2 that you simply can’t deny are great weapons when used right.

Let’s take a look at our picks.


Use it and you’ll definitely hear players raging over their mics, but there’s no doubt that the best LMG in Black Ops 2 is none other than the rage-inducing LSAT.

The LSAT is one of the most well-rounded guns in the entire game. It can fire out bullets fairly rapidly, it deals moderate damage, it has pretty good range on it, and the accuracy isn’t too shabby either. Perhaps it’s only flaw is one associated with all LMGs – it’s bulky and makes for slow running.

Recommended Attachments: Target Finder (people will hate you, but it works), Suppressor (because you’re going to be camping – A LOT), Fast Mag


You don’t typically hear much about this one, but, in our opinion, the MK48 is a beast of an LMG. It has incredible range, next to no recoil, great accuracy, and it packs a punch in the damage department.

While with an LMG you’re mostly going to be camping, it’s not 100% required with this particular light machine gun. We’ve been successful with it running around maps. You have to be extremely aware of your surroundings and play smart, but it’s feasible.

Recommended Attachments: Extended Clip, Reflex Sight, Quickdraw

Best Pistol

Pistols aren’t typically your first choice of weapon when heading into armed battle in any first-person shooter, but Black Ops 2 gave us some of the deadliest, crazy-fun sidearms we’ve ever encountered in a Call of Duty game.

A couple of the pistols are so strong that skilled players can actually get away with using them as a primary weapon – and rack up TONS of kills.

Which pistols are we referring to? Let’s jump into it…


Long hailed as one of the most OP pistols ever created, the B23R is, indeed, a beast of a sidearm. This is a 3-round burst fire pistol that can be fired quite quickly.

The B23R is extremely deadly in close-range encounters, but it’s even been known to take down enemies with a single burst in some mid-range engagements. It’s only flaw is the recoil, which is very much manageable if you’re a talented player.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Fast Mag


Another potent pistol to consider is the TAC-45. It deals more damage than the B23R, is a good bit more accurate, and doesn’t have much recoil at all. It’s an ideal choice as a secondary weapon for snipers, but it can also be utilized as a primary in the right hands.

The TAC-45 is capable of taking down most enemies with just a few bullets. It’s easy to aim, can be fired relatively fast, and is definitely our #2 choice for sidearms in Black Ops 2.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Extended Clip

Best Launcher

Launchers are mostly intended to be used to destroy enemy aircraft and scorestreaks, but a couple can also be utilized to decimate infantry as well.

For this category we picked one launcher as the best for wiping out scorestreaks and another for hilariously extinguishing unskilled players.

FHJ-18 AA (Anti-Scorestreak Launcher)

As the “AA” part of the weapon name implies, the FHJ-18 is designed specifically for taking out enemy aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to, UAVs, Care Package transports, Counter-UAVs, Choppers, and Lodestars.

The FHJ-18 also works well against ground-based scorestreaks such as the Sentry Gun, AGR, and Guardian. You have to take a couple seconds to lock on to any of these which can be troublesome at times, but it’s still a highly effective launcher for clearing the skies or the ground of pesky scorestreaks.

RPG (Anti-Enemy Personnel Launcher)

If you’re more interested in using a launcher to blow solider to smithereens you’ll definitely want to try out the RPG. The SMAW can also be used for this purpose, but the RPG deals more damage and is generally easier to aim.

The RPG’s projectile does tend to swerve and curve around when fired at longer distances, but at close range it’s one of the deadliest rocket launchers in the game.

It’s important to remember, though, that players running with the Flak Jacket perk will NOT die from one blast of the RPG unless they are already damaged.

Best Special Weapon

Finally, we come to the special weapon category. This one is a bit of an odd one because, well, we’ve been selecting our top two picks for every other gun type in the game, but there are only 2 weapons available in the special category.

So, we’re going to state what we believe is the best special weapon for the vast majority of players, but also talk about the other one as well.

Ballistic Knife

For MOST players, the Ballistic Knife is hands-down the single best special weapon available in BO2. It’s fast, fairly easy to use, and it’s a one-shot kill. That’s a deadly combination.

The knife does require a bit of skill, especially if you’re targeting opponents at longer distances. Aiming is a little odd since it’s a projectile which means you generally have to aim for where your target is going to be, not where he or she is presently.

A skilled player can rack up loads of kills with the Ballistic Knife, especially with a great stealth class setup equipped.


Ask most players about this weapon and they’ll tell you it’s absolutely garbage without a second thought. It is, however, an extremely lethal and super fun weapon to use in the hands of highly skilled players.

We’re not going to lie to you… the crossbow isn’t for everyone.

In fact, 95% of players simply aren’t cut out for it. But there are the occasional few that have spent countless hours in game modes such as Sticks & Stones mastering the art of popping enemies with explosive-laced arrows. So, watch out.


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