CoD AW TAC-19 Shotgun Overview

The TAC-19 is a brand new shotgun that only appears in Advanced Warfare. It’s rather unique in the fact that instead of firing a slug or buckshot like most other shotguns it actually uses a blast of directed energy to deal damage. It’s a pump-action style weapon and is one of the most popular options for players that like to use shotguns.

CoD AW TAC-19 Shotgun
The TAC-19 does serious damage, too. At short range it’s the most reliable shotgun in the game for getting a 1 to 2 shot kill but this damage does fall-off quickly at longer distances. The good news is that it also features the best mobility rating in its class so you can move around faster to get within close enough range to blast your enemies away.

TAC-19 Stats

Damage Output: 65

Clip Size: 6 rounds (9 with extended mags equipped)

Available Attachments:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Target Enhancer
  • Laser Sight
  • Foregrip
  • Stock
  • Quickdraw Grip
  • Advanced Rifling
  • Parabolic Microphone
  • Extended Mags

Many of these attachments work well for this weapon. A decent sight may be your best option if you find the stock iron sights to be ineffective. The laser sight works well for hip-fire kills. Our favorites, though, are the foregrip (tightens the spread of the energy blast) and quickdraw grip (allows you to ADS quicker).

Available TAC-19 Variants:

  • Bang Stick ( 1 to fire rate, handling, and mobility, -2 range, -1 accuracy)
  • Sledgehammer ( 2 accuracy, 1 mag capacity, -1 to both mobility and handling)
  • Round House ( 1 to both fire rate and range, -1 to both handling and mobility)
  • Haymaker (built-in red dot sight, 1 fire rate, -1 accuracy)
  • Upper Cut ( 1 to both accuracy and damage, -1 to both range and mobility)
  • Barricade ( 1 handling, -1 accuracy)
  • Breacher ( 1 damage, -1 range)
  • Runner ( 1 mobility, -1 range)
  • Lite Trigger ( 1 fire rate, -1 mobility)
  • Jab ( 1 to both handling and mobility, -1 to both range and mag capacity)

Almost all variants can be acquired through supply drops but Jab is obtained by completing a weapon challenge with the TAC-19 (getting 300 kills with the weapon).

Here’s a video from GameSpot showing off some TAC-19 gameplay in a match of Hardpoint:

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