CoD Advanced Warfare Supply Drops Overview

A brand new way to customize your character has been introduced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Known as Supply Drops they work fairly similarly to the Battlepacks found in Battlefield 4. Every so often after a match is over you’ll be rewarded with a supply drop. They contain a variety of loot including weapon variants, cosmetic gear, and even boosts.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Supply Drops

Supply Drop Loot

Loot you can acquire from a supply drop is categorized into 3 different rarities:

  • Enlisted (Most common and basic type)
  • Professional (Slightly higher than basic tier)
  • Elite (Highest rarity tier, more rare)

Of course the more rare a weapon variant is doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. The best variants will be the ones that have stats that suit your personal playing style. Just because a gun is an Elite version doesn’t mean it’ll be your favorite or best selection of weapon.

Supply drops can also give you what the game calls “reinforcements”. These are usually one of 3 different items:

  • EXP Boost
  • Orbital Care Package
  • Rapid Supply

As the name suggests, the EXP boost increases the amount of experience you earn during matches for a short duration. An Orbital Care Package is the same as its scorestreak counterpart but must be used in the next match you play. Once dropped it will give you a random scorestreak but be sure to protect it because anyone, even opposing players, can pick it up. Finally, the Rapid Supply is a passive boost that simply makes it so that you’ll earn your next supply drop a little faster.

Supply Drop Challenges

One of the more recent updates to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare introduced a brand new way for players to get even more supply drops in the game. It’s called a Supply Drop Challenge. These are daily challenges that can be completed to earn, you guessed it, an additional supply drop.

The challenges often involve getting kills with a specific weapon type, winning matches in a specific game mode, or some other things. These can only be completed once per day but they do provide one more drop that you wouldn’t normally receive through regular game play.

Buying Supply Drops

A new update has been released that now allows players to purchase supply drops (called Advanced Supply Drops) in-game using real money. This is otherwise known as a microtransaction. You can buy these packages for $1.99 each. Many players, however, have warned against doing this because the drop rate of higher-tier weapons seems to be lower than what you get from actually earning a supply drop.

NOTE: This capability is only available on the Xbox One for the time being. We’ll provide updates if/when the feature is added to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PC platforms.

YouTube user, Tmartn, has purchased over 200 supply drops through the microtransactions and has recorded videos showing him opening them:

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