CoD Advanced Warfare Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles have become a core element of the Call of Duty franchise. Ever since the rise in popularity of quickscoping these guns could very well be the most popular weapon type in the game, including Advanced Warfare. Snipers are extremely deadly at long range but, in past titles, have also been lethal in close to medium range encounters due to the ability to quickscope or even no-scope opponents.

That being said, Slegdehammer Games initially stated that they had pretty much eliminated quickscoping from their game. While the scope-in time does appear to be a tad longer quickscoping is still very much a part of CoD: Advanced Warfare. Especially with weapons like the MORS.

Advanced Warfare Sniper Rifles

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Sniper Rifles
Currently, Advanced Warfare only offers players a very small selection of 4 snipers to choose from. These are:

Want more information about each individual sniper? Well, we’ve got you covered. Just click on the name of the sniper you want details about and you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to that weapon. These pages have in-depth reviews of each sniper rifle including info about their damage output, effective range, available attachments, variants, and more.

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Tips for Using Sniper Rifles

Generally speaking sniper rifles are intended to be used only in long-range combat scenarios. There are plenty of multiplayer maps in Advanced Warfare that offer long stretches and open views that are perfect for picking off enemy players from across the map with a well-placed sniper shot.

If you wish to play the role of a true sniper you may want to equip perks and exo abilities that compliment that play style. In other words, use perks like Low Profile and Cold Blooded to keep yourself hidden from UAVs and enemy scopes. Maybe even use the Cloak exo ability to hide in plain sight, too. Then all you need to do is find a cozy spot to perch in (preferably in a low foot-traffic area) and wait for your enemies to come into your line of sight to pop them off.

There is, however, always the option of quickscoping, too. This involves a decent amount of practice, good timing, and, at times, a stroke of luck to pull off, but is still a viable option for sniping. The best quickscoping sniper in the game right now is the MORS.


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