CoD Advanced Warfare Submachine Guns (SMGs)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Submachine Guns

Submachine guns, also commonly abbreviated to SMGs, are typically lightweight, fast-firing weapons designed for close-quarters combat. Most have a decent rate of fire, have great mobility, and can decimate opponents at short range. These weapons are ideal for players that favor a run-n-gun playing style and are best suited for smaller map layouts.

Advanced Warfare Submachine Guns

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Submachine Guns

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare features 6 SMGs, all of which have never been seen in previous CoD titles. These include:

To get full details for these weapons simply click the name of the gun you’re interested in above. These links will take you to pages dedicated to each weapon that have further details such as general weapon stats, available attachments, info about each of the gun’s variants, and more.

Additional SMGs may be added to AW in the future via DLC packs. If and when this happens we will update this page, as well as all weapon pages, to reflect the changes.

Tips for Using SMGs

Because of their lightweight design, submachine guns are best used in matches where you know you’ll be facing enemies in tight corridors or small spaces on a regular basis. SMGs are most effective on smaller multiplayer maps but can also be used well if camping to protect an objective or running a stealthy, flanking class to quickly maneuver around the map and catch enemies off-guard.

While most SMGs don’t have great range (try using assault rifles or sniper rifles for more range) you can somewhat increase your chances of getting a kill at medium to long range by firing in short, controlled bursts rather than using your weapon in a full-auto manner. This ensures that bullets find their target. It’s still highly recommended to use these guns only in close-quarters combat, though.

Using weapon attachments such as the Quickdraw Grip and the Laser Sight can increase your chances of beating an opponent to a kill at short range. Being able to raise your weapon faster is always beneficial and the laser sight can help you pull off non-ADS kills at very close range.

There’s a whole new line of weapons available in BO3. We have an entire overview of all of the Black Ops 3 SMGs, too.

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