CoD Advanced Warfare Shotguns Overview

Are you a run ‘n gun style player that likes to have a weapon that really packs a punch in close quarters combat? Well, the shotguns found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare might suit your needs. Shotguns are designed to be used in short range confrontations and, if your aim and reflexes are up to speed, you can absolutely decimate your enemies with them.

Advanced Warfare Shotguns

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Shotguns
Here is a list of all currently available shotguns in CoD: AW:

Yup, there are only three shottys available in the game as of right now. But if you plan to be in the face of your opponents on a regular basis these weapons are extremely lethal, even more so than SMGs if you’re at close enough range.

Looking for full details for each shotgun? Just click the link of the weapon you want information for above and you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to it. These pages contain further details about each shotgun including their damage output, magazine sizes, available variants, and more.

UPDATE: A new shotty has become available! The OHM features a directed energy shotgun component on top of an LMG. You can obtain it by downloading the Ascendance DLC.

Tips for Using Shotguns

As mentioned above, shotguns are designed for extremely close range combat. Within a few feet these weapons can completely rip through an enemy, often in just one to two quick shots. They are best suited for maps with small, tight hallways or corridors but they can also be used effectively if you plan to camp an objective point to protect it.

Sticking around an objective provides an opportunity to rack up kills. A lot of times 2-3 enemy players will group together on an objective to capture it faster leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Sneaking up on them or flanking them while they’re attempting to secure the point can lead to a few fast kills as long as you’re quick and accurate with your shotgun shots.

Shotguns are potentially more dangerous in Advanced Warfare than any previous Call of Duty title. Why? Because you can make use of the Exo movements (boosting and dashing) to quickly get right near your enemy and blast them with a shot or two from your shotgun. This is a very deadly combination when used correctly.

Black Ops 3 shotguns are quite a bit different.

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