CoD AW OHM LMG and Shotgun 2-in-1 Weapon Overview

With the upcoming release of the Ascendance DLC pack, Advanced Warfare is getting yet another new weapon. But it’s really like we’re getting 2 new guns. Why? Well because this new weapon is a 2-in-1 directed energy LMG and shotgun. That’s right, you’re going to get to run around with a powerful LMG be able to swap to a shotty on the fly.

Advanced Warefare OHM Energy LMG and Shotgun

The new weapon is called the OHM and season pass owners on the Xbox consoles already have access to it. Everyone else will be able to use it if they purchase the Ascendance DLC on release day.

OHM Weapon Stats

Right now we don’t have exact readings on the damage output for this weapon. Because it is a directed energy style gun you do essentially have unlimited ammo (it will overheat and need to cool down if fired for too long, though). Once we have details regarding the firepower, rate of fire, and other stats we will post them on this page.

Damage Output: ???

Clip Size: ???

Available Attachments:


OHM Variants

As we saw with the AE4 Assault Rifle, this new DLC weapon is also getting at least one variant. The only one we know of so far is the Werewolf. Further details will be added at a later date.

Variants are normally obtained through supply drops but with DLC weapons you are given access to them as soon as you purchase the DLC pack or have the season pass which enables early access.

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