New Gear Sets Coming to Advanced Warfare

With all the buzz circling around Treyarch and the upcoming Black Ops 3, it seems that Sledgehammer Games wants to stay relevant. Today, via an interesting message posted on Twitter, the developers revealed that new gear sets would soon be making their way into Advanced Supply Drops in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Advanced Warfare Samurai Set

Advanced Warfare Arachnid and Deep Sea Diver Gear Sets

Advanced Warfare Luchador and Clown Gear Sets

These are some of the most interesting gear sets that have ever been released for the game, too. They include a samurai set, gear that makes you look like a spider, a clown set, deep sea diver gear, and even a complete luchador set.

These new gear pieces will be available in Advanced Supply Drops starting today for Xbox gamers. We expect Playstation and PC gamers to receive them a month thereafter.

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