New Gear Sets and Weapons Available on Advanced Warfare

Still playing Advanced Warfare? Well, here’s a bit of a surprise – Sledgehammer games just announced today that they’re adding new gear sets and a few new weapons to AW.

Advanced Warfare Gingerbread Gear Set


The new gear sets are named:

  • Astronaut
  • Gingerbread
  • Hunter
  • Racer

And, yes, the names are quite literally the descriptions, too. The Astronaut set allows players to don a nifty NASA-style spacesuit. Gingerbread is a holiday-themed set that transforms your character into – you guessed it – a Gingerbread man. Hunter is, well, a hunter, and the Racer set has pieces that resemble a formula-one driver’s racing suit.

The new weapons that are being added include:

  • Lever Action
  • Repulsor
  • Sten

Here’s the Lever Action:

Advanced Warfare Lever Action


Here’s the Repulsor:

Advanced Warfare Repulsor


Here’s the Sten:

Advanced Warfare Sten

The Sten is a classic British-style SMG with moderate stats overall. The Repulser is another SMG; it deals decent damage and has a good firing rate, but is a bit low in terms of accuracy and range. Finally, the Lever Action is a new assault rifle with great damage, accuracy, and range.

The new gear pieces and weapons can be obtained only from Advanced Supply Drops.

Both the new gear sets and the new weapons are currently only available on Xbox One. We assume they’ll soon make their way to PC and Playstation 4. As the developers have stated before, memory limits don’t allow for these new additions to be made available on last-gen consoles.

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