CoD AW NA-45 Sniper Rifle Overview

The NA-45 is probably the most unique sniper rifle that’s been added to a Call of Duty game in a very long time. It’s exclusive to Advanced Warfare but it’s very, very rare to see a player using it. Why? Well, the firing system is odd with this weapon. It is a semi-auto rifle with a two round fire. The first round is a primer and the second is the catalyst.

CoD AW NA-45 Sniper Rifle
Basically, the NA-45 has explosive rounds but in order to trigger them you first have to fire an initial round which can be stuck into a player or part of the environment. Then you fire the second round which is the catalyst. And as long as the catalyst hits within close range of the primer round, the explosion is triggered. The good thing is that if the explosion catches a player from the waist up, it’s a one-shot kill. But, needless to say, using this sniper definitely takes good accuracy and timing.

NA-45 Stats

Damage Output: 70 (2x multiplier for head or torso)

Clip Size: 2 rounds (primer and catalyst)

Available Attachments:

  • ACOG Scope
  • Variable Zoom Scope
  • Thermal
  • Ballistic CPU
  • Stock
  • Tracker
  • Iron Sights

One of the best options for this weapon is the variable zoom scope just so you can sit back and really zoom in to place your rounds as close together as possible near your target.

Available NA-45 Variants:

  • Screamin’ ( 3 fire rate, -1 damage, -2 handling)
  • Ravager ( 3 damage, -3 fire rate)
  • Hurried ( 2 fire rate, -1 to both accuracy and handling)
  • Exact ( 2 accuracy, -2 fire rate)
  • Rover ( 2 mobility, -2 damage)
  • HE ( 1 damage, -1 accuracy)
  • M ( 1 fire rate, -1 accuracy)
  • Sharpshooter ( 1 mobility, -1 handling)
  • Agile ( 1 handling, -1 fire rate)
  • Feint ( 2 handling, -2 accuracy)

As always, variants for this sniper can be obtained either via supply drops or by completing a specific challenge using the NA-45.

YouTube user, Super, made a video showing exactly how this weapon works and voices his opinion that the gun shouldn’t be classified as a sniper (we agree):

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