CoD AW MORS Sniper Rifle Overview

The MORS is easily the most popular sniper rifle found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Although it deals the same amount of damage as the Lynx, it seems to produce one-shot kills more consistently. This sniper is actually a bolt-style railgun which does provide a bit of a disadvantage as you have to chamber bullets right after each shot.

CoD AW MORS Sniper Rifle
In order to be successful with the MORS you’re going to need to be accurate with your shots. This is why it’s important to take proper aim before firing. If you miss your shot or even get a hit marker you’re an easy target for enemies with automatic or even semi-auto rifles.

MORS Weapon Stats

Damage Output: 70 (2x multiplier applies to headshots and torso)

Clip Size: 1 round

Available Attachments:

  • ACOG Scope
  • Variable Zoom Scope
  • Thermal
  • Ballistic CPU
  • Stock
  • Tracker
  • Parabolic Microphone
  • Iron Sights

So far our favorite attachments for this weapon are the ballistic CPU and Thermal sight.

Available Variants:

  • Silver Bullet ( 2 damage, 1 accuracy, -2 fire rate, -1 handling)
  • The Doctor ( 2 fire rate, 1 handling, -1 to accuracy, damage, and mobility)
  • Daisy Chain ( 1 to both mobility and fire rate, -1 to both damage and accuracy)
  • Ransacker ( 1 to both damage and accuracy, -1 to both fire rate and mobility)
  • Penetrator ( 1 to both damage and mobility, -1 to both fire rate and handling)
  • Tumbler ( 1 damage, -1 accuracy)
  • Long Rifle ( 1 accuracy, -1 handling)
  • Quick Bolt ( 1 fire rate, -1 mobility)
  • Slung ( 1 mobility, -1 fire rate)
  • Lullaby (built-in ballistic CPU attachment, 1 handling, -1 accuracy)
  • Pummeler ( 1 to both fire rate and handling, -1 to both accuracy and damage)

Variants can be obtained through supply drops or, in some cases, completing challenges with the MORS.

Here’s a video showing off some gameplay using a gold camo’d MORS sniper:

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