CoD AW MDL Special Weapon Overview

The MDL is a special weapon seen only in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It’s a grenade launcher that is capable of dealing loads of damage, is semi-automatic, and fires off grenades that detonate a few seconds after being shot. This launcher is similar to the War Machine in Black Ops 2 except the frags do not explode upon hitting a surface.

CoD AW MDL Launcher
The MDL (short for Multiple Detonation Launcher) can deal both AoE (area of effect) explosive damage and direct contact damage. This means that hitting an opponent directly with a grenade fired from the launcher does a bit of damage but the biggest impact comes from the explosion of the frag.

MDL Weapon Stats

We’re sticklers for statistics. Knowing exactly what a weapon can do can give you a huge advantage in online multiplayer. Below you’ll find the most important stats for the MDL launcher.

Damage: 25-110 (frag explosion; output depends on enemy range), 30 (direct impact hit)

Clip Size: 6 grenades

Available Attachments: N/A

Available MDL Variants:

  • Backdraft
  • Shockwave
  • Proper
  • Wildfire

Variants for special weapons only offer cosmetic differences. There are no upgrades to stats or abilities. All variants for the MDL, with the exception of Wildfire, are obtained as loot from Supply Drops. The Wildfire variant is acquired by getting 300 kills using the weapon.

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