CoD AW MAHEM Launcher Overview

MAHEM is a brand-new, very unique launcher found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Unlike other launchers that fire a standard rocket, the MAHEM shoots off a projectile made up of molten metal. This weapon is very deadly and highly accurate compared to most other launchers.

CoD AW MAHEM Launcher

One of the biggest drawbacks of the MAHEM is that it doesn’t lock on to target, nor does it has a laser guidance system like the one seen on the MAAWS. This means the weapon relies solely on the aim of the player to hit its mark. If you’re aiming at targets in the distance you’ll have to account for the speed of the rocket as well as the enemy speed and direction to nail them.

MAHEM Weapon Stats

As mentioned above, the MAHEM, like most other launchers in the game, is capable of fatally wounding an enemy player. It can also help destroy enemy scorestreaks but doing so takes stellar aim. Below we’ve listed the most important details of this launcher.

Damage Output: 49-135 (explosion radius), 1000 (direct impact hit)

Clip Size: 1 rocket

Unlocked: Level 50

Reload Time: 3.3 seconds

Blast Radius: 6.5 meters

Available Attachments: N/A

Available MAHEM Variants:

  • Fused
  • Bull
  • Malice
  • Flak

The first 3 variants are all obtained through loot gained in Supply Drops. The last one, Flak, is unlocked once the player gets a total of 300 kills using the launcher. All variants for launchers are purely cosmetic and do not offer stat enhancements or alterations of any kind.

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