CoD AW MAAWS Launcher Overview

The MAAWS is one of the launchers that players can use in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This particular launcher was first seen in CoD: Ghosts, however. In Ghosts the weapon had 2 shots to fire off but in AW it has just one. The MAAWS isn’t a lock-on launcher but is laser-guided instead, giving the player control over where the rocket goes.

CoD AW MAAWS Launcher

This weapon has just one rocket to use so it’s important to use it wisely. The resulting explosion has massive impact, though, making it useful to taking down killstreaks or quickly ending the life of a foe. Players unlock the MAAWS once they reach level 18.

MAAWS Weapon Stats

Want to know just how hard your rockets will hit? Or maybe you’d like to know have big of an effective radius the explosion has? Well, we’ve listed these stats and more down below.

Damage Output: 55-115 (explosion radius), 1000 (direct impact)

Clip Size: 1 rocket (no reserve ammo)

Reload Time: 3 seconds

Blast Radius: 5.08 meters

Available Attachments: N/A

Available MAAWS Variants:

  • Oppressor
  • Ignition
  • Tornado
  • Thunder

The first three variants for this weapon are obtained through the Supply Drops you earn while playing multiplayer matches. The last one, Thunder, is acquired by getting 300 kills using the weapon. All variants are simply cosmetic items and do not increase, decrease, or alter any stats for the launcher.

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