Advanced Warfare M1 Irons Pistol Overview

Haven’t been keeping up with news for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or played the game in a bit? Well, as of May 5th players are in for a bit of a surprise. A brand new pistol has been introduced to the game in the form of free DLC. It’s called the M1 Irons.

Advanced Warfare M1 Irons

This gun is a revolver. Easily one of the coolest looking pistols in the game. Currently it is only available for players on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. It will, however, be available on the PS3, PS4, and PC at a later date. An official date has not been announced but once it is we will update this page.

Advanced Warfare M1 Irons

Because this weapon is so new we are not 100% sure about the exact statistics of the gun just yet. Once these details are made available we will post them here including the overall damage output, magazine size, firing rate, and other important specs. Below are current estimations.

Estimated Stats

Damage Output: 33-52

Clip Size: 6 rounds

Firing Rate: 600 RPM

Overall, it’s a pretty powerful sidearm. Not quite as beefy as the RW1, but it fires faster, has more ammo, and the range is a bit better.

Available Variants

The M1 Irons was brought into Advanced Warfare with a base version and at least 10 different variants. These have both cosmetic and functional differences depending on which one you get. Variants are obtained through supply drops or advanced supply drops earned while playing the game or completing challenges.

These are the 3 known variants of the M1 Irons confirmed by developers:

  • Gunslinger
  • Sundown
  • Unforgiving Truth

Gunslinger has a unique blue & gold paint job and an old-timey appearance and comes with a built-in Akimbo attachment meaning you can dual wield the weapon.

Sundown is red, orange, and peach colored and looks a bit more modern than Gunslinger. Its stats include enhanced range and lower handling.

Unforgiving Truth is a black and steel colored revolver (looks quite badass) which, according to devs, allows players to go on longer kill streaks. It has higher range, less kick, tighter spread, but deals a bit less damage, has a longer ADS time, and a lower fire rate.

Other variants of the M1 Irons include:

  • High Noon (lower kick, longer ADS time) – Enlisted
  • Enforcer (tighter hip-spread, lower range) – Enlisted
  • Desert Wanderer (increased ammo, lower damage) – Enlisted
  • The Stranger (higher range, worse hip spread) – Enlisted
  • Showdown (increased range, longer ADS time, Akimbo) – Professional
  • Shootout (less kick, lower firing rate, built-in red dot sight) – Professional
  • Outlaw (higher fire rate, shorter ADS time, lower range, less ammo) – Elite

Overall, most people want either the Unforgiving Truth or Outlaw variants.

Here’s a video of the M1 Irons in action by Ali-A:

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