CoD AW XMG Heavy Weapon Overview

The XMG is a dual-wielded, hip-fire only weapon found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is listed under the heavy weapon category in the game. It is capable of dealing a moderate amount of damage, has low mobility, and is fairly inaccurate in its standard firing mode.

CoD AW XMG Heavy Weapon
The XMG features two dual-wielded miniguns that can fire independently. As mentioned above, the accuracy of these guns is rather low when firing them normally. If you activate the XMG’s lockdown mode, however, your accuracy goes up significantly. When lockdown is activated your character is unable to run around but you essentially turn yourself into a human turret, capable of 360 degree turning.

XMG Weapon Stats

All weapons in Advanced Warfare are slightly different in statistics. Below are the finer details of the XMG heavy weapon.

Damage Output: 17-20

Clip Size: 150 rounds x2 (225 rounds x2 with extended mags)

Available Attachments:

  • Tracker
  • Parabolic Microphone
  • Laser Sight
  • Rapid Fire
  • Extended Mags

Because of the design of the weapon it is very limited in what attachments it can use. Our favorites for the XMG are the laser sight to improve hip-fire accuracy and the extended mags for extra bullets to spare.

Available XMG Variants:

  • Bacon & Eggs ( 3 damage, -3 accuracy)
  • Bread & Butter ( 3 fire rate, -1 damage)
  • Smoke & Mirrors ( 1 to both fire rate and range, -2 damage)
  • Beer & Pretzels ( 2 range, -18 rounds per mag, -1 reserve mags)
  • Death & Taxes (built-in laser sight, 1 fire rate, -2 range)
  • Venus & Mars ( 1 damage, -1 range)
  • Yin & Yang ( 1 fire rate, -1 handling)
  • Meat and Potatoes ( 1 damage, -1 accuracy)
  • Black & White ( 1 fire rate, -1 damage)
  • Chicken and Waffles ( 2 fire rate, -1 to both accuracy and handling)

Nearly every variant is obtained through Supply Drop loot. One variant is earned by completing a weapon challenge with the XMG, though.

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