CoD AW: Exo Movements Overview

Jumping into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the first time and need a little help readjusting? With the introduction of the Exosuit this game is vastly different from past CoD titles. Using your Exoskeleton you can pull off all kinds of movements that were previously impossible including super high jumps, dashes, and more.

Advanced Warfare Exo Movements

While the campaign portion of the game does provide a bit of a crash course on how to operate your suit we know that many of you won’t bother with it. CoD is all about the multiplayer anyway, right? Unfortunately, you don’t get a tutorial on how to execute special moves if you jump straight into online play, but that’s okay, we’re here to help.

Advanced Warfare Exo Movements

Alright, so you’re equipped with a piece of metal that outlines your body…cool. What does it do? Well, on top of the special Exo abilities (which we covered previously) you also gain access to new maneuvers. These include:

  • Boost Jump
  • Boost Dodge
  • Boost Dash
  • Boost Slam
  • Exo Melee

Let’s talk about each one in-depth, shall we?

Boost Jump

Boost jump is accomplished by double-tapping the standard jump button (A on Xbox consoles, X on Playstation, etc. This allows you to jump pretty high giving you the ability to get on top of buildings and other structures or a base to start flying (boosting) around.

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Boost Dodge

This one is pretty important and an awesome new feature. While you’re on the ground you can actually perform a boosted strafe to the left, right, or even backwards. This allows you to get out of sticky situations where you might be too close to a player with a shotgun or you need to dodge a sniper shot. It’s an invaluable tool.

Boost Dash

This is pretty much exactly the same as the Dodge movement only Dash can be executed while you’re in the air. And it can be used going forward as well as to the left, right, and backwards. Same principles apply, this gives you the option to move out of the way of enemy fire while you’re airborne.

Boost Slam

This is an interesting new ability that is both deadly and difficult to master. While you’re in the air you can press the crouch button and your player will come back down to the ground with heavy force. If you can manage to land on an opponents head it can actually one-hit kill them. But even if you land very close to them, you’ll still damage them leaving them vulnerable to bullets.

Exo Melee

In every Call of Duty game there has been the option to perform a melee-based attack (usually with a knife). In Advanced Warfare you actually use your fist but it’s backed by the power of your Exosuit. Unless, of course, you don’t have a weapon equipped to your primary or secondary. Then you get a knife but the animation is essentially the same.

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Here’s a video from YouTube personality, Drift0r, showing off the new movements:

So, there you have it. Those are your new movement capabilities. To really get them down to a science you should consider playing some private matches either with friends or with bots just to master pulling off each movement and learning to shoot while in the air.

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