CoD AW EM1 Heavy Weapon Overview

The EM1 is one of three directed-energy style weapons found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This gun could be considered a fully automatic rifle as it can be fired in continuous streams. While it is classified as a heavy weapon it is still fairly mobile making it somewhat easy to use like an AR on medium to large maps.

CoD AW EM1 Heavy Weapon
The EM1 is considered by many players to be extremely over-powered (OP) because of its moderate damage output and high accuracy. It is one of the very few weapons in Advanced Warfare that can be fired quite accurately from the hip due to its tight laser spread.

The main drawback of this weapon is its ability to overheat. Firing the weapon continuously for long durations will cause the gun to overheat and seize up. At this point the player has to allow for a couple of seconds for the EM1 to cool down before being able to fire it again. This can be slightly compensated for, though, by using the heat sink attachment.

EM1 Weapon Stats

As with all other guns, it’s important to know the exact statistics of a gun before taking it into battle. Below we’ve provided the most important data for this weapon.

Damage Output: 30-35 per second

Clip Size: Infinite (can overheat)

Available Attachments:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Hybrid Sight
  • Auto Focus Sight
  • Target Enhancer
  • ACOG Scope
  • Stock
  • Tracker
  • Foregrip
  • Parabolic Microphone
  • Quickdraw Grip
  • Heat Sink

The attachments we like to use best with this gun are the ACOG scope and Quickdraw Grip. Occasionally we’ll even spring for the extra attachment wildcard and also through on the Heat Sink for firing even longer.

Available EM1 Variants:

  • Pwner ( 2 damage, 1 mobility, -1 to accuracy, fire rate, and handling, has a purple laser)
  • Polar Vortex ( 2 handling, 1 fire rate, -3 mobility, has a green laser)
  • The End ( 2 range, -1 accuracy, -1 handling, has a yellow laser)
  • Sweet Dreams (built-in target enhancer, 1 accuracy, -1 fire rate, has a yellow laser)
  • The Last Laugh ( 2 fire rate, -2 fire rate, has a yellow laser)
  • M-Coil ( 1 accuracy, -1 damage, has a blue laser)
  • Magnified ( 1 range, -1 damage, has a blue laser)
  • LEL ( 1 damage, -1 accuracy, has a blue laser)
  • Dimension ( 1 mobility, has a blue laser)
  • Vera ( 1 to both fire rate and range, -2 damage, has a yellow laser)
  • Quantum (no stat boosts, has bullet brass camo)

Most variants are obtained through Supply Drops. One, Vera, is obtained by completing the Marksman challenge with the EM1 (getting 300 kills with the gun). Quantum is a special variant only given to players that pre-ordered the Advanced Arsenal version of Advanced Warfare or purchased the season pass.

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  1. Love the em1. Possibly my favourite gun in the game. I don’t know how people say it’s op. If it is so op why does nobody use it. It’s an absolute pig to handle and you have to continually correct for for random strange recoil when ads. Plus you can’t see a thing when ads firing and everybody soon knows where you are. Just follow the light. It is fantastic from the hip, especially in the air, but u have to have a steady and very accurate thumb. And it looks great on the night time maps. Wish more people would use them.

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