Advanced Warfare Camos: Every Weapon Camo Available

One of the most popular customization options in the past few Call of Duty games (especially titles such as Black Ops 2) have been the various camouflages that players can unlock for their weapons. Advanced Warfare has several highly coveted weapon camos available for gamers to use.

Advanced Warfare Weapon Camos

In order to unlock a camo players must complete a number of challenges. Most of these consist of getting kills with the weapon, using the gun without attachments or perks, and various other tasks. The majority of these are fairly easy to get, but take time.

Advanced Warfare Camos

Here is a list of all camos in Advanced Warfare:

  • Multicam
  • Multicam Black
  • Urban
  • Stranden
  • Woodland
  • Kryptek Raid
  • Digital Classic
  • Kryptek Highlander
  • Kryptek Yeti
  • Digital Urban
  • Concrete
  • Urban Jet
  • Kryptek Neptune
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Sentinel
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Royalty

The camos listed above are the standard ones that come with the game. Additional weapon skins are usually added via DLC packs but typically cost money.

DLC Camos

As mentioned above, adding weapon camos into the game via DLC has become a popular thing with Call of Duty. Sledgehammer is carrying on this tradition with Advanced Warfare. Skins can be purchased individually for just weapons or even purchased in packs that also include skinned Exosuits and gear.

Camos currently available via DLC purchases:

  • Creature
  • Lightning
  • Magma
  • Nanotech

If you opt to buy just the weapon packs you’ll get the skin for the gun plus themed reticles, a calling card, and a new emblem.

How to Unlock Camos

As mentioned above, in order to get the standard camos found in CoD: AW you’ll have to complete a variety of challenges. Below we’ve listed the exact requirements for each one.

Multicam – Obtain 50 kills using only hip fire with the weapon.

Multicam Black – Obtain a total of 100 kills using hip fire with the weapon.

Urban – Earn 200 kills from hip fire with the weapon.

Stranden – Get a total of 300 kills of just hip fire using the weapon.

Woodland – Get a total of 500 kills from just hip fire using the weapon.

Kryptek Raid – Earn 50 headshot medals with the gun.

Digital Classic – Get a total of 100 headshots using the weapon.

Kryptek Highlander – Earn 200 headshots using the weapon.

Kryptek Yeti – Get a total of 300 headshots with the weapon of choice.

Digital Urban – Earn a whopping 500 headshots using the weapon.

Concrete – Earn a total of 50 Dog Fight medals (both players airborne when kill occurs) with the weapon.

Urban Jet – Get a total of 50 double kills using the gun.

Kryptek Neptune – Get 50 kills right after or while performing a slide with the weapon.

Carbon Fiber – Get 50 kills with the weapon without having any perks on your loadout.

Gold Camo – Earn a total of 50 kills with the weapon without having any attachments equipped to it.

Diamond Camo – Complete all other camo challenges for the weapon.

Royalty Camo – Complete all challenges for every weapon within the weapon’s category (i.e. if you wanted royalty for the BAL-27 you’d have to finish every challenge for every gun under the Assault Rifles category).

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