Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Maps

A new Call of Duty title means, you know it, new multiplayer maps! And, thankfully, CoD: Advanced Warfare doesn’t feature a massive amount of remakes like we’ve seen in the past. In total there are 14 MP maps in this game and only one is a redesign of a map found in an older game. So, in other words, there are 13 new environments to learn chokepoints and camping spots on.

A few maps have dynamic events associated with them. This means that at some point during a match the layout of the map could change due to destruction or an added piece. There are also special killstreaks for some maps that can be obtained from care packages. This info is listed below in the summaries of the maps.

Here is a complete list of every map in the game:

  • Ascend
  • Bio Lab
  • Comeback
  • Defender
  • Detroit
  • Greenband
  • Horizon
  • Instinct
  • Recovery
  • Retreat
  • Riot
  • Solar
  • Terrace
  • Atlas Gorge

All 14 of these maps are available on all platforms (Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PC). There are also four DLCs planned for Advanced Warfare that will likely add even more maps. The DLC packs will be released in 2015 and, as their contents are exposed, will be listed here once available.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ascend

This is a map set in the Gulf of Mexico. The entire thing is basically a large space elevator platform. The top deck has long pathways with great visibility while the lower deck is definitely a close quarters combat paradise with many obstructions.

Map Special: Special streak that activates turrets that pop up from the ground floor of the map and fire on enemy players.

Bio Lab

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Bio Lab

This is an Atlas bioengineering lab found in a Colorado valley. It features both indoor and outdoor areas. The indoor portions are cramped and have short passageways that allow for easy kills using weapons like shotguns and SMGs. The outdoor areas are bigger and very open. Players can shoot the canisters around the map which combust and can maim or even kill nearby enemies.

Dynamic Event: At some point during the match a chopper will fly over the map and drop-in a small base that features a player-usable turret in one of the windows.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Comeback

Comeback is a small city setting located in Lagos, Nigeria. It features many small buildings and rooftops you can access with boost jumps. Most of the map is designed for fast-paced, close combat but the rooftops do allow for sniper visibility.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Defender

Defender is centered around an seaside air defense base that is mostly outdoors and very open. There are a few small bases that players can camp in or rush through for short range combat but most of the battle will be fought with mid to long range weapons outside.

Dynamic Event: During a match the map will become partially flooded by a tsunami. These areas are still accessible but player movement is slowed while going through the waters.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Detroit

Detroit is set in, you guessed it, Detroit, Michigan. Players will traverse city buildings and streets in a combination of long and short range combat. The streets provide long sight lines perfect for snipers while the buildings are more suited for submachine guns.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Greenband

Greenband is a two-base style map that’s set in South Korea. The two bases are on opposite sides of the map and there are 3 different paths that stretch between them. The bases offer medium-close range indoor combat while the paths are mostly outdoors and are better suited for assault rifles and snipers. There are many things that get in the way of your sight though.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Horizon

Set in the Icelandic Highlands, Horizon is an Atlas drone production facility. With dim lightning and snowy conditions the map provides low visibility and involves both indoor and outdoor combat. The map itself isn’t exactly small but, due to all of the stuff in the way, there aren’t many long-range opportunities.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Instinct

Instinct is a mostly outdoor mining facility. The space is pretty open which works well for assault rifles, snipers, and air-based killstreaks. There is a cave that allows for more close quarters combat but for the most part you’ll want to stick with long range weapons when playing on this map.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Recovery

This map centers around an observatory located in Hawaii. There are two sections of the map. One side features several buildings and short paths that are best suited for SMGs and assault rifles. The other side of the map is a lot more open and better suited for medium to long range weaponry.

Dynamic Event: A volcano will erupt and kill anyone in the lava’s path and leave the map filled with falling ash.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Retreat

This map is an Atlas retreat located in the mountainous regions of China. It has a late-afternoon setting with light rain. The map, like most others, is an interesting combination of both indoor and outdoor terrain. There are several buildings that have tight, short corridors to traverse where close-quarters weapons will perform best. Outside, though, you may want to use a medium range gun as it is a bit more open.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Riot

Riot is set both inside and around a prison that has presumably had a large-scale breakout recently. Inside the space is limited and is perfect for players with SMGs and shotguns. Outside there are a few buildings to go through and on. And you’ll also find yourself in combat in the semi-open prison courtyard that is surrounded by catwalks and fences.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Solar

This map is a solar facility found somewhere in Baghdad. There’s a lot of lighting since you play during the midday hours. Most of the map is outdoors with a lot of open ground and even a few buildings that you can scale for higher-ground advantages. Within the buildings you’ll be going down short, tight hallways where short-range weaponry will prevail. Outside you’ll want to rely on assault rifles and other medium-long range guns for combat.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Terrace

Terrace is a resort found in Greece. Most of the map is very dark but there are a couple spots where the resort lighting makes for better visibility. There are a few different levels to the resort that feature everything from restaurants to pools. If you want to pop off enemies with a sniper you should stick to the rooftops. All other areas will be dominated by SMGs and assault rifles.

Atlas Gorge

Atlas Gorge is a remake of the popular Pipeline map seen in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Yes, this is pretty old-school, but an awesome map nonetheless. Located in China it’s centered around a large dam.

This is a bonus map that is only found in the Atlas Limited, Pro, and Digital editions of Advanced Warfare. It also comes prepackaged with the Season Pass for the game.

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