Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Cast: Character Voice Actors and More

Call of Duty is obviously a huge, massively profitable video game franchise but it’s still rare that you see big names popping up on the cast list for any of their titles. As we’ve all seen from the trailers that are broadcast nationwide one of the main characters in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is voiced by famous actor Kevin Spacey, but who else is on the list? Let’s take a look..

1. Kevin Spacey

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Kevin Spacey

The most obvious one is Mr. Spacey. He plays sort of a dual hero-villain role in AW as the CEO of the Atlas Corporation, Jonathan Irons. If you’re not familiar with his work, Spacey can be seen in a number of classic movies such as American Beauty & The Usual Suspects, as well as modern TV series House of Cards.

2. Troy Baker

Troy Baker is a name you may not typically hear thrown around when it comes to TV or film but, chances are, you’ve probably heard his once at one time or another. While his actual face hasn’t graced the big screen Baker’s voice can be heard in countless video games, cartoons, and anime dating back to 1989.

I mean, seriously, check out his filmography on IMDB when you get a chance, it’s an insanely long list of everything from Iron Man to The Walking Dead and beyond. This guy is probably one of the most iconic voice actors in the cartoon and video game world and he definitely deserves some respect for his work. In Advanced Warfare Mr. Baker voices the character of Jack Mitchell.

3. Gideon Emery

Emery is another individual whose work is mostly in the form of voiceovers in various cartoons and games but he’s also appeared in several episodes of the Teen Wolf TV series as Deucalion and played roles on other shows like NCIS, True Blood, and Last Resort.

To see the entire cast list for CoD: Advanced Warfare just check out the listing on IMDB.

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