Advanced Warfare – Best Heavy Weapon in the Game (OPINION)

Heavy weapons are an interesting breed in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. They’re bulky, they slow down your movement, and the ones that aren’t energy-based take forever to reload. The pros, however, are that they generally do a decent amount of damage and are effective at medium to long range. But which one is the best? Below we provide our educated opinion on the subject.

Advanced Warfare Best Heavy Weapons

When it comes to this weapon category there are just 5 selections:

The Ameli and Pytaek operate similarly to standard light machine guns seen in previous titles such as Ghosts and Modern Warfare 3. The remaining 3 weapons in this category are completely different beasts, however. Both the EM1 and EPM3 are directed-energy weapons. The EM1 is a constant-firing laser weapon that is often considered OP. The EPM3, on the other hand, is a semi-auto energy weapon that lacks raw power and accuracy.

Then you’ve got the XMG, possibly one of the most interesting weapons in all of Advanced Warfare. It’s not really a machine gun, nor is it a laser weapon. Instead, it’s essentially dual miniguns attached to your Exosuit. Only capable of hip-fire the XMG is terribly inaccurate. That is until you activate the lock-down mode on the weapon.

Our Top Picks

So which of these weapons tops the charts as the absolute best in its category? Here are our top 2 picks:

  1. EM1
  2. Pytaek

Advanced Warfare Best Heavy Weapon EM1

It’s hard not to give the EM1 the number one slot. It is quite the beast. This directed-energy style weapon is insanely accurate, deals a great amount of damage, and still gives your character mobility that is comparable to that seen when wielding one of the assault rifles.

Even the hip fire of the EM1 is ridiculously good. In fact, it’s almost easier to kill enemies without ADS (aiming down sights) with this weapon. Throw on a couple of good attachments like the ACOG Scope and the Heat Sink and you can decimate opponents in a flurry of red lasers with ease.

 Advanced Warfare Best Heavy Weapon Pytaek

The Pytaek is our second choice when it comes to heavy weapons. It feels and fires like a more traditional LMG (kinda like the LSAT from Black Ops 2). And it packs quite a punch. The only thing we don’t like about it? The iron sights. We highly recommend throwing on a Red Dot Sight or other optics because the stock sight is just too obstructive.

NOTE: Keep in mind that these selections are our own personal opinion based on gameplay experience and personal preference. What works best for us might not be what’s best suited for your own play style.

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