AW Hot Topics: Is System Hack an OP Scorestreak?

In Call of Duty there have always been insanely powerful killstreaks. Whether it be the Chopper Gunner in Black Ops 1, the Swarm in Black Ops 2, or the AC130 in Modern Warfare 3, strong streaks have always been present. While higher tier streaks should definitely assist you in racking up extra kills they shouldn’t be nearly game-breaking. And for many people, that’s exactly what the System Hack scorestreak in Advanced Warfare is.

CoD AW System Hack Scorestreak

System Hack, the base version, is basically just supposed to disable the HUD and reticles of your enemies for roughly 20 seconds. And you can earn this streak after getting just 600 points. That’s not too terrible. But there are a few things that make this scorestreak ridiculously over-powered.

Here’s a video from YouTube personality, TmarTn, showing off the streak in action:

First up is the huge X and System Hack graphics that appear on-screen. These are ginormous and extremely blinding. Combined with the slight screen distortion this makes even the most skilled CoD player hugely handicapped. This is insanely annoying and makes it incredibly easy for enemies to take you out.

Secondly, you can upgrade with the System Hack streak with some absolutely absurd modules. This includes disabling all enemy equipment, flashbanging enemies on activation, the ability to earn assist points for all team kills while the streak is up, increasing the amount of time System Hack lasts, disabling all enemy Exo movements, and even killing and disabling enemies’ scorestreaks.

Third are the sounds and visuals the player that activates System Hack hears and sees. Whenever this streak is active enemies will emit noise that sounds like static when they’re near the player. Plus if an enemy is lying down or just well hidden they can still potentially be seen because when SH is active the back of the Exo suit shoots off sparks.

So not only does this streak cripple enemy players but it gives the player that called it in, along with his/her teammates, an insane advantage over the opposing team. And while 20 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time, it’s actually a pretty grueling time. And if the player using the scorestreak is using the assist points module he/she can actually rack up enough points very quickly to call it in again immediately after the first one is done.

All that being said… we definitely believe the System Hack scorestreak is very OP and needs a nerf. Luckily, SledgeHammer Games Tweeted stating that they’ve heard the community feedback regarding this streak and plan to tone it down in the near future. They didn’t say exactly how they plan to do this but, honestly, any nerf to this scorestreak is welcome.

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  1. Yes, by far the most annoying Killstreak. While we are at it, the BAL is WAYYYYYYYYYY OP….and the MK14 is way UP. AW advanced the series in several ways, but they didn’t get rid of Quickscoping and Dropshotting. Not only that, but the only weapons that seems to have been nerfed at all…are the ones that are ALREADY the skill weapons…like MK14 and the sniper rifles (if you use them legit style). There is NO WAY that a BAL or SMG should beat a MK14 with foregrip from across a map…yet it happens all the time.

    It’s seriously to the point that you can tell right away that someone has no skill if they use a BAL (esp if they have prestiged multiple times, have a higher rank and/or it has a later camo). Never in any COD has a weapon been so OP IMO…COD4 M16 and WaW MP40 are close behind

    1. Yup, I agree. The BAL, even after their supposed “nerf” is still OP as hell. A lot of ARs and SMGs need damage/range nerfs.

      1. Yeah I get that due to the size of the maps it’s hard to accurately depict the loss of power at range, but it’s been done better in other games. Really all they would have to do is adjust the accuracy/kickback of the MK14, so that at range it hits nearly every shot, and make it so the automatics are inaccurate at range.

        I love using weapons that take skill to use, running around with BAL type weapons is too easy and I like the challenge, but I don’t like when the challenge is SOOOO much that it’s unfair upon unfair. Wouldn’t take a lot of tweaking to make it perfect but they need it.

      2. supposed? really? head over to tmartns chaannel and check his video for how the bal was nerfed, and the system hack is not impossible to deal with. i can still kill even though my reddot gets disabled. and if you cant do it, then just camp till its over, and it doesnt help that going on a streak is literally hard this year with the possibility of exo movement added

  2. It’s not OP. A little annoying, but I have no problem killing with iron sights or a red dot while it’s on. Maybe make it so the x only ever shows up once and only for a second. It’s annoying how it shows up again when you respawn. Why would they do that? So it’s easier to spawn trap? I mean, they should be trying to prevent spawn trapping. Nobody likes getting shot the moment they spawn before they can even raise their sights or shoot back. System hack helps make it even harder. Now for 2 seconds you have to shoot with a skull and x on the screen too.

    1. Yeah having the giant X appear every time you respawn while System Hack is active is incredibly annoying. I still think the main issue with this scorestreak is that it only costs 600 points to get (500 if you’re using the Hardline perk). If they increased that and tweaked the X and screen distortion it’d be a much more understandable streak.

      1. totally. it’s so fast in domination. cap a couple flags and get a kill and you’re ready. You can get one in like 10 seconds and keep spamming the other team all game long because of how easy they are to get. sometimes it’s like system hack all game long. What’s nice is the red dot sight has that line so even when the dot disappears you can still aim super accurate

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