CoD Advanced Warfare Assault Rifles

Need a weapon with decent mobility that can operate in semi-close AND distant ranges? Well, your best bet is probably going to be using one of the assault rifles found in Advanced Warfare. These guns pack a punch, can nail targets at medium to long range, and are still viable to use on smaller maps, too. They’re extremely versatile and equally as deadly.

Advanced Warfare Assault Rifles

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Assault Rifles

So what ARs are available in CoD: AW? Here’s a complete list:

By clicking on the links provided above you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to that weapon. These pages list further details about the gun including stats, available attachments, variants, and more. That’s it. At least for now. If Black Ops 2 and Ghosts have taught us anything it’s to always watch for the contents of DLC because there may just be a new weapon or two included with them.

Tips for Using Assault Rifles

While ARs are indeed powerful weapons they do have downsides. First off, they are not especially effective at long range. Their damage falls off greatly when fired at enemies too far off in the distance. This means it’ll take you many more shots to kill an opponent and if they’re using a weapon better designed for range (such as a sniper or LMG) you’ll be at a great disadvantage.

At the same time assault rifles aren’t meant to be used in super close quarters combat either. If you run into an enemy within a few feet of you and they’re equipped with an SMG and you’re using an AR, they’ll probably wind up getting the kill simply because their weapon will fire faster and drop you quicker than your AR will take them out. It’s still very possible to get kills with ARs at close range, they just aren’t designed perfectly for it.

If you find that you’re having a hard time getting your shots to hit targets at medium to long range with a fully automatic assault rifle don’t be afraid to burst fire your weapon. Firing in short bursts allows you to better control the direction of your bullets and hit your target more often.

Want details for the BO3 guns? Check out this list of Black Ops 3 assault rifles for more info.

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