Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC Releases June 2nd

The guys and gals from Sledgehammer and Activision have announced an official date for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s next DLC installment called Supremacy. According to the developers and publisher the DLC will be available on Xbox Live first beginning on June 2nd.

Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC

The DLC will give players access to 4 brand-new multiplayer maps and the third segment of the Exo Zombies counterpart.

The new maps include:

  • Compound – An Atlas training facility within the Colorado country. It’s a small, tight map that will encourage fast paced, closer-range combat.
  • Kremlin – A medium size map located in the Red Square (Russia).
  • Parliament – Another medium size map that is located on a cargo ship just outside of London.
  • Skyrise – This is a remake of the Highrise map seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Here is the official launch trailer for the Supremacy DLC:

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