Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Tips to Boost Your K/D

Call of Duty isn’t the most difficult first-person shooter to play by any means, but it can be challenging. That is arguably even more true now with the recent release of Advanced Warfare. This latest title in the series has added several new elements to the game revolving around the use of the Exosuit. Mastering the use of weapons and the new movement capabilities can be a bit daunting. But, we’re here to help.

Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Tips

Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Tips

We’ve complied some of the most helpful tips & tricks that will help you improve your performance and boost your kill-to-death ratio while playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Use these tips to better your class selections, increase your score in each match, and dominate the competition in online multiplayer.

Loadout Creation is Key

The first, and possibly most important, tip is to simply fine-tune your class setups. Knowing which weapons you perform best with and what perks help you to get more kills and avoid deaths is a key component in becoming a better player.

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If you feel like you consistently do better playing a run ‘n gun role, equip something like an assault rifle, SMG, or shotgun as your primary weapon. If you choose to take a secondary, make it something that is quick to swap to and can pop off a few bullets relatively fast (the Atlas 45 or PDW are excellent choices).

 Advanced Warfare Class Setup

If you think you perform better supporting your teammates with fire from across the map you may want to use something like a sniper rifle or LMG as your primary gun and use a launcher to take down scorestreaks or a pistol to kill enemies that get too close for comfort.

Experiment with different weapons, use a variety of attachments to find out which ones best suit your play style, try out different perks, and sculpt the perfect loadout that’ll help you get more kills every match. Pay attention to your overall K/D with each weapon to determine which ones you work best with.

Movement Advantages & Disadvantages

In Advanced Warfare your Exosuit serves as a tool that can help you maneuver around maps faster, conceal yourself from enemies, and more. Learn to use it well. Familiarize yourself with all of the Exo movements and Exo abilities by testing each one thoroughly to learn how each one works.

 Advanced Warfare Exo Movements 2

With your Exosuit you can dodge enemy fire with boost-powered strafing, severely damage unsuspecting opponents with aerial boost slams, and jump to strategic spots. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of this. A key thing to remember is to not be in the air too often. A flying player is an easy target for soldiers firmly planted on the ground. Don’t make yourself an easy kill.

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Exo abilities can help you do survive firefights longer, sustain flight, conceal your character from enemy vision, and even shield you from oncoming bullets. Play around with the different abilities to figure out which one helps you the most. We personally like Overclock, which allows you to temporarily run faster than normal.

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Cover Up

Don’t be afraid to take shelter behind a wall, a crate, or any other object that can block enemy fire. Despite the fact that many players may insult you for “camping”, it’s a legitimate strategy that can save you from certain death. After all, if this were reality we wouldn’t be running out into the open amidst enemy fire, that’s suicide.

 Advanced Warfare Shield

This is an especially useful technique when you find yourself running low on ammo and need to reload your weapon. Hide behind a solid object, reload, then, once you’re prepared for confrontation, move into position to take your shot. There’s even a special Exo ability, the Exo shield, that can protect you for a short time.

Eyes on the Bullet

One of the most important things to do that will greatly improve your overall playing ability and your K/D is to focus on accuracy. Make every bullet count. Most guns don’t have unlimited ammo so you’ll need to be conservative with it. Only fire at targets that are within your weapon’s effective range and take good aim to ensure every bullet hits its mark.

 Advanced Warfare Aiming

Most firefights in Advanced Warfare come down to one of two things:

  1. Which Player Sees & Reacts to the Other the Fastest
  2. Which Player Has the Better Aim

Accuracy can mean the difference between a certain death and a satisfying kill. Oftentimes, if your accuracy is spot-on you can still best players that see you before you see them. Not everyone is a deadeye. But if you become one yourself, you’ll find yourself getting more kills and dying less.

Practice your aim by playing private matches with bots on medium to high difficulty settings. And don’t forget to take weapons into the virtual firing range to learn the recoil plots of each gun (how the gun moves when fired) so you can figure out exactly what to do to ensure every bullet hits its target in multiplayer matches.

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  1. Top tip: Use the Bal-27/ASM1 like 98% other players.

    1. Pretty much. Weapon balance = nonexistent in this game. Everyone basically uses the same 3 or 4 loadouts and that’s it.

  2. Those really are the only two guns you ever see people running on there

  3. Its getting a lot better now though! Seeing more of a variety of guns, HBRa3, AK12 and IMR now. Some serious buffing has been done over the last month or so!

  4. I don’t agree the game is unbalanced. And I don’t see an overuse of the bal. I never use the bal because it is so boring and I think most people enjoy changing up the loadouts. Certainly the games I’ve been playing I am seeing pretty much everything on offer. I will regularly just pick a never used random primary then max out the perks and see what I can do with it.

  5. complete all of the campain all four levels, easy,normal,hardend,and vetran then u have a better chance of being at the top of the list in team death match. when i first started to play i had a k/d ratio of 7/15 and thats BAD but now im almost half way through hardend and now my k/d is 20/9

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