New Gear Rarities Coming to Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games, the developer behind Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, announced yesterday that new rarity levels for weapons and gear will be added to the game on June 9th. The new rarity labels – legendary and retired – will be coming with a new game update that will be made available on Xbox platforms first (PC and Playstation likely soon after) that will be released after the launch of the Supremacy DLC.

Advanced Warfare Legendary and Retired Gear

Legendary gear will be found in both regular Supply Drops as well as Advanced Supply Drops. This level is now the highest and most rare in the game. According to the devs the first set that will be available is the Sentinel CI Set (an extremely rare character outfit).

Retired gear, on the other hand, is a bit self-explanatory. Sledgehammer is planning to retire certain weapons and gear sets in Advanced Warfare. If you have already obtained these pieces and hold on to them they will be changed to red names and their label will convert from whatever rarity level they are to a new title, Retired.

Here’s what Retired weapons will look like in the Create-a-Class system:

Advanced Warfare Retired Weapons

SHG has announced that these pieces will be the first to receive the Retired treatment:

  • Atlas 45 – A3
  • MP443 Grach – Latitude
  • PDW – CQB
  • Sentinel Mobile Set
  • Nigerian Infantry Set
  • KVA Mercenary Set

You will still be able to redeem retired gear for XP if you have it in your Armory but once you do that, it’s gone forever, because these pieces will no longer be available to earn in Supply Drops of any sort.

Source: [Sledgehammer Games]

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