Advanced Warfare Launchers Overview

Looking to take out aerial scorestreaks or do massive amounts of damage and possibly grab 2 or more kills with a single shot into a packed room or crowded objective? Well, the launchers found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare can help with those goals. These weapons can only be equipped in the secondary slot but serve key purposes.

Advanced Warfare Launchers

Launchers deal massive amounts of damage but are slow to swap to, significantly decrease your player mobility, and, in most cases, fire quite slowly. They’re mostly designed to take out air-based scorestreaks such as UAVs, a Warbird, or even a Paladin, but they can be used to decimate enemy soldiers, too.

Advanced Warfare Launchers

Currently, there are only 3 different launchers that players can equip in CoD: AW. These are:

Each launcher has a few special characteristics associated with it. To learn more about each of these weapons simply click on their name above. These links will take you to pages dedicated to each weapon which include information such as damage ratings, available variants, and so on.

Tips for Using Launchers

As mentioned above, launchers are large, bulky weapons that really slow your character down. In other words, you won’t be running around with one picking up kills easily like you would with one of the assault rifles or SMGs. On top of that, these weapons don’t carry much ammo, some don’t even have a reserve shot to use.

So, you’ll definitely want to plan ahead when it comes to using a launcher. You’ll need to decide whether you want to blast off a rocket to hopefully kill an enemy or two in a confined space or hold on to your ammo and save it for when you or your team will need it more – like when a Paladin is called in, for example.

Launchers are excellent for taking out big scorestreaks which, in turn, can help you and your team have a better chance of securing a win. While it is both satisfying and hilarious to execute a room full of enemies with a massive explosion, it’s more useful to save your shot to take down a high-tier killstreak.

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